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Good News

As a generality, Isaiah is one of those books I have trouble with.  In fact, it is often a point of worry for me because most pastors seem to be professionals on Isaiah.  1,362 more words


Puzzle of Grace

Over the week that I wrote the notes for this article, the Holy Spirit called three passages from the Bible to my attention.  Were they meant to form the base of three articles?  1,377 more words


The Coming End

When is the end of the world?  Nobody knows.  It is literally the best kept secret in existence because even Jesus doesn’t know.  When discussing the coming end, this is what Christ said, “ 1,175 more words


144. Pope John XIX 1024-1032

When Pope Benedict VIII passed away,he was followed by his younger brother Romanus. Romanus was a secular politician and also a layman. On being “elected” Pope he was ordained in all the offices of the Church up to Bishop in a single day. 135 more words


Awesome is an amazing word that has unfortunately lost much of its power due being used heavily on slang.  I myself will exclaim, “Oh wow, these fries are awesome!” and phrases like that.  1,807 more words


143. Pope Benedict VIII 1012-1024

In 1012,a war broke out in the Papal States,with many noble families fighting for control. The emerging victor was Alberic,the head of the powerful Tusculum family. 186 more words

Of Theologians and Farmers Alike

My God is the heart of the universe.
My God radiates gravity like it was light.
It started to hold the whole lot of us together… 112 more words