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What is your number one focus in life?  Since this is a Bible blog, you already know that the correct answer is “God” or “Jesus” or something to that effect.  1,381 more words


The Water from the Rock

In the last article we looked at Jesus’ ability to purify our lives through his work on the cross.  While typing that article up, the Holy Spirit called my attention to some additional Scriptures I had written down in my notes.  821 more words


The Water of Marah

God speaks to us in many ways; he does this in order to show his omnipresence in all he does and also because some formats are better for some lessons, and other formats better for others.  839 more words


The Garden of God

The world is a pretty messed up place.  David’s words still seem to ring true today in Psalm 14:2-3,

The Lord looks down from heaven…

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Through not reading the Bible, people – especially “religious” people can get all sorts of strange ideas in their heads.  A really common belief among people revolves around the concept of atoning for one’s sins.  1,285 more words


The Enemy of my God is not my Enemy

During the course of my life, a war has been constantly raging.  It’s an ideological war.  It’s a war that sometimes is relatively silent (though often is quite active).  1,471 more words


Praying With Faith

Psalm 38 is a fairly penitent Psalm.  David is feeling guilty over something and is pleading with God for mercy.  The first verse reads, “ 1,135 more words