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Something You Can’t Buy

One time I saw an article floating around CNN’s website which claimed that you actually could buy happiness- in seven ways if I recall correctly.  I decided to forgo reading the article, but I suppose that in some ways you may be able to keep yourself happy by expending money (depending on what brings you joy).  1,685 more words



The Bible contains the greatest collection of written words ever assembled.  There has never been, and there never will be, anything that can parallel its power and authority.  564 more words


Random Forest Tutorial: Predicting Crime in San Francisco

Layman Tutorials for Data Science site Annalyzin is now called Algobeans!

We’re creating a new mailing list to deliver tutorials to your inbox. If you like to be included, sign up below. 1,318 more words


Machine Learning In Layman's Terms

Machine learning in layman’s terms is,

“Machine wants to be a layman”

Machine wants to see like a layman does. Machine wants to think like a layman does. 36 more words

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Member-ship Part 1

Recently someone commented on one of the articles here with an article of his own.  As I squinted at it, not knowing if I should take it as an offense, compliment, or some sort of advertisement suddenly the Holy Spirit lit up verses around the Bible.  2,367 more words


Jesus REALLY Loves You

I think most believers know the song “Jesus Loves Me” and can sing it from memory (at least those who grew up in the church can).  1,112 more words


Decision Trees Tutorial

Would you survive a disaster?

Certain groups of people, such as women and children, might be entitled to receiving help first, granting them a higher chance of survival. 888 more words