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That Actually Happened

The writer of the book of Hebrews takes a few strange liberties in his book which attribute far more than one would expect to Christ. For example, he quotes Psalm 110:4, which is, 985 more words


The Sub-Song of Sin

The Song of Songs (also known as the Song of Solomon; depending on your Bible version) is an extremely challenging book. The first time you read it you think, “Why is this even in the Bible?” And upon future readings…well, not much changes. 2,501 more words


China: The Half-Awakened Dragon

Recently I have been asked to provide some insights on China’s economy. I’m quite certain many of you would have heard of the economic miracle that China has managed to achieve in the past 3 decades. 3,576 more words


Nowhere else but here-Layman Pang Yun


A monk was sending Layman Pang Yun out of the temple. At that time it was snowing. Layman Pang, looking at the falling snow said, “Wonderful snowflakes, they don’t fall anywhere else but here.”


Greek Crisis: The Big Picture

I have been asked by many friends on what the Greek Crisis is all about and it is understandable why the media is so obsessed with the whole debacle. 2,435 more words


Gender Issues in the Bible (Part 1)

Or, “Paul Tells Women Not to Talk in Church”

I find it constantly surprising just how many women are Christian, especially considering how women are treated in Scripture; even in the New Testament. 1,739 more words


I made up my mind about my avatar, and maybe even about my blog layout and theme

The dear reader might have noticed that in the brief existence of this blog I have made many changes to its layout, to my avatar and to my text screens on my videos, giving it a very inconstant look. 925 more words

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