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William Peck and Nativist Fears

By Jack Foley, VI Form

William Peck and Nativist Fears

From 1883 to 1894, William E. Peck was the first layman to be Head of St. 2,717 more words

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How to Sharpen Recruitment Decisions using Regression & Correlation

The Problem

The strength of a military depends on its commanders. While there are commanders who risk their lives to save others, there are those who betray fellow comrades for personal gain. 1,159 more words


Homosexuality Among Believers

Many people take issue with the church’s stance on homosexuality. It is handled different from church to church and denomination to denomination; but generally speaking, homosexuality is considered a sin and something not to be engaged in. 1,974 more words



We all strive to grow and improve. In the world we aim to improve our standing among men. For the believer, our aim is to approve our standing with God. 2,423 more words


The Power of the Word

Jesus’ ministry is known for many many miracles. During his time on earth, Jesus drove out demons,

They went to Capernaum, and when the Sabbath came, Jesus went into the synagogue and began to tech.

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Maybe Will Get You Nowhere with God

Does God exist? Does any sort of deity exist? There is a point when every person has to figure out where they stand on this question. 1,355 more words


God’s Testimony Through You

There’s been a debate among believers for centuries as to the relationship between faith and works. One side claims that faith is everything and works don’t even factor in; the other side claims that although faith is the most important, works are important too. 1,634 more words