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7 Ways Jesus Showed his Humanity

Often times (including on this blog) we Christians like to focus on how Jesus is Lord.  And that’s great, because it is important for salvation to establish that (and good for our relationship to remind ourselves of his position).  2,392 more words


Healing? No Problem!

During a sermon I was watching one day, the pastor brought up a very interesting point.  He quoted Psalms 103:2-3, which reads,

Praise the Lord, O my soul,

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k-Nearest Neighbors & Anomaly Detection Tutorial

Layman Tutorials for Data Science site Annalyzin is now called Algobeans!

We’re creating a new mailing list to deliver tutorials to your inbox. If you’d like to be included, sign up: 1,347 more words


Jesus Christ

While listening to the Bible on my way to work, I realized that in the opening of 1 Corinthians Paul mentions Jesus’ name (and title of Christ) a lot.  952 more words



It isn’t particularly surprising that many Jewish people find it difficult to believe in Jesus.  After all, God had them sacrificing animals for their sins (all of which were clearly outlined in the Law) for thousands of years and then suddenly some dude comes and >Bam< sacrifice is apparently no longer needed (as Christ sacrifice on a cross was sufficient).  1,515 more words


​Lay man's Thinking

An engineer in a car manufacturing company designs a world class car.
The owner is impressed with the outcome and praised him a lot.

While trying to bring out the car from the manufacturing area to the office they realised that the car is few inches taller than the entrance. 255 more words


Something You Can’t Buy

One time I saw an article floating around CNN’s website which claimed that you actually could buy happiness- in seven ways if I recall correctly.  I decided to forgo reading the article, but I suppose that in some ways you may be able to keep yourself happy by expending money (depending on what brings you joy).  1,685 more words