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Don’t Let Your Opinion Get in the Way of Your Salvation

Revelation is largely known for its description of what the church refers to as The Great Tribulation; or what most people would call the Apocalypse. There’s tons of colorfully worded destruction in the book. 1,076 more words


House Rules

After typing up Three Sixes and looking over the notes for Slave of Christ? I still felt that something seemed unsatisfactory in what the Holy Spirit had taught me about our marriage-like relationship to Jesus. 1,760 more words


Anomaly Detection with Predictive Algorithms

Outliers can generally be detected by algorithms used for predictions. Examples include algorithms for clustering, classification and association rule learning.

To illustrate, let’s run through an example with the k-nearest neighbor (kNN) clustering algorithm. 256 more words

Machine Learning

Layman’s Explanation of Topic Modeling with LDA

Suppose you have the following set of sentences:

  • I eat fish and vegetables.
  • Fish are pets.
  • My kitten eats fish.

Latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) is a technique that automatically discovers topics that these documents contain. 541 more words

Machine Learning

Three Sixes

Like most people, I’ve always been fascinated by the book of Revelation. When I was kid at a very young age, I’d try to read the Bible on my own (since I was more interested in satisfying my curiosity than actually learning about God from others). 2,663 more words


Can good intentions change the world? Let's hope so...

Hello, my name is Paul and this is my blog.

I started this blog because I’m concerned about us, the way we are living, the things we deem important in society, the way we treat each other, our seemingly unstoppable race to the bottom in the ever more destructive search for resources. 175 more words


The Importance of Blessing

When we hear the term “blessing” in church or use it ourselves, generally we’re talking about good things from God. For example, you may say, “Oh, the Lord is really blessing me with a great job and wonderful spouse” or “Man, I really could use some blessings from the Lord with my life.” There is, however, another kind of blessing that doesn’t make it into sermons quite as much: the act of blessing others. 1,528 more words