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The Significance of Kneeling

As we either grow up in the church or begin participating in services after salvation we are exposed to a lot of traditions that don’t really seem rooted in anything. 1,365 more words


The Birth of my Wordpress

The Rantings of Jordan

A Layman’s Guide to Entertainment

A typical Sunday in my life consists of sitting around the dinner table at my parents house, eating a great meal prepared by my mom. 534 more words


MOOC - An Acronym I Just Learned.

HELLO. MY NAME IS DAVE. This blog is intended to track my progress through a M.O.O.C – Massive Open Online Course. I’m pretty excited about this because I haven’t done any study since high school and I’m pretty sure my mum is gonna be stoked. 379 more words

The Two Other Guys

According to Matthew’s Gospel, both criminals condemned with Jesus mocked him. Check it out in Matthew 27:44, “In the same way the robbers who were crucified with him also heaped insults on him. 1,366 more words


A Primary Role of the Church

What is church supposed to be like? I’ve heard quite a few sermons with varied opinions from various pastors as to how church should be conducted; how to do worship, how not to do worship, when to pray, etc. 1,779 more words


Chew on This

So I stumbled across this unusual comic series called Chew.  It was created by John Layman and Rob Guillory for Image Comics in 2009, and is still in monthly publication.  316 more words

Graphic Novel Girl

The Lesser of Two Evils

There are a lot of maxims in the book of Proverbs. Since there are so many it can be easy for us to read over them and not really consider each proverb before moving on to the next. 1,648 more words