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Pulling All The Stops

My friends became concerned as month four of the layoff train arrived at the station. When the journey started I had a lot of fuel and a couple of cars with very few baggage. 883 more words

Mrs Enginerd

It's My Malaise and You're Welcome to It: Part One

Shakespeare was right: Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow is the petty pace at which our lives creep in from day to day. At least that’s how it feels when you’re a wage slave. 1,313 more words

7 Ways to cope with losing your job

It’s mid-week and that point in the working week when employees are most likely to consider they are in the wrong job, have reduced motivation and have the deepest desire to quit. 1,294 more words


Comforts of the Distant Past

Nothing was a surprise, but everything was awful.

A man gets a sinking feeling, knowing he’s doomed, that he’s making too much, and his age makes him cost too much, and the company gets to where it makes his life miserable for a while, hoping to run him off, and then it finally just lays him off, knowing at last it can hire some kid for half the money. 603 more words


Fastest Growing Occupations in Your Metro Area

Here is a list from a website called Economic Modeling EMSI. I took a workshop from economic modeling in June 2015 and now have a certificate and login to the EMSI site. 112 more words

Nash tries selfies

Nash is still on the layoff plan, having had sore feet, followed by a hoof abscess.  The horseshoer comes in nearly two weeks, but I’m not optimistic that there will be enough hoof to put a shoe on.  210 more words

My Journey

A Dose of (F)UN-Employment 

Something ironic about writing a blog post on unemployment while watching a One Direction concert. I never thought I would be in either of these situations or that a name of a boy band would be so symbolic of my current tenor. 754 more words