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Javascript: Lazy Evaluation

Melakukan operasi yang komplek terhadap sebuah array dapat menurunkan performa aplikasi. Mengapa? Hal ini terjadi karena setiap operasi akan menjalankan iterasi untuk memproses setiap elemen – elemen dalam array. 99 more words


Counting the infinite sequences

Doesn’t it strike you as odd, that you can write such code in C#:

if (sequence.Any()) ...

and it is efficient as it can be, but when you rely on… 168 more words


Converting NFA to DFA by Complete and Lazy Subset Construction


Given a transition table construct the NFA and using subset construction generate the DFA.


Task is to convert the NFA to DFA such that . 532 more words


A mimic of pipeline implementation in jdk 8 stream

Here a complete program is provided to show how pipeline is implemented which replicates the part of the diagram in previous post. The test below is demonstrated with an efficient stream style. 676 more words

A Note on Lazy Evaluation in R

R is commonly thought of as a functional programming language. If you associate functional programming (FP) with lambda calculus and pure FP languages like Haskell, then you may get surprised by aspects of R’s computational model. 134 more words

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