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Jah's 5 year old eye review -  Lazy Eye and Tips on how to get your child to patch his eye

I didn’t intend to write this post at all. We did document Jah’s eye review in Feb 2015 (few months after he turned 3). But I was expecting this eye review to be rather routine. 1,151 more words

Chuck Looks Back On Having A Lazy Eye

For some blog posts, there’s always been a longstanding desire to discuss the topic lingering in the back of my mind. My posts about having… 1,651 more words


Movie Review: Lazy Eye (2016)

WATCH!“I wanted to tell a story from the perspective of the post-marriage equality world we are living in, but one in which the obstacle in the film was not the characters’ sexual orientation.”  – 335 more words


What Can Homeopathy Do?

I am often asked exactly what homeopathy can do.  For a longer list, I recommend going to my website at www.lotushomeopathy.com and click on Can You Help Me.   112 more words


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Just an update on this post from five years ago. The boy in these photos is a teenager. He has continued with homeopathy. His last two annual appointments showed no amblyopia detectable. So his eyes have continued to improve over the years.

review - lazy eye

Writer / Director Tim Kirkman has rendered a delicate and touching love story in his recent feature film effort, Lazy Eye. While the film has played quite well on the LGBQT film festival circuit, the film’s theatrical release, which is due in November, is likely the result of the strong writing and performances throughout. 383 more words

Movie Review

Thinking about seeing in stereo

A thing which people who’ve never met me in person don’t know: I have strabismus. That’s the medical term (synonym: heterotropia), but most people would better know this as being cross-eyed, or having a lazy eye. 765 more words


New VisionHelp Initiative...the time has arrived to end Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, otherwise coined “Lazy Eye”, is the most common form or treatable vision loss that affects nearly 12 million in the US, 3.5% worldwide. For over a century, it was thought that the only way to treat Amblyopia effectively was with occlusion therapy (patching), or Atropine drops and it could not be effectively treated past age 10. 208 more words