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Eye Exam

Hello. I am currently dictating my blog post to my parrot.* He is typing with his talons. I hope he is doing a good job. He probably is – he is basically human but very little and also green.  680 more words


Musical Monday - 6

Hey guys!
My phone shut down the other day and I’m still getting used to this shitty replacement, so I apologise if there are any spelling mistakes or grammar errors. 70 more words

One Thing About Me

One thing about me, and probably the only thing you will have to notice once you see me, eye to eye (this is a pun, you’ll get it), is that I have… 347 more words


Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

Amblyopia is vision loss in one or both eyes that cannot be helped by glasses or contacts. It is the main cause for vision loss in children. 415 more words

Silly Lazy Eye

“Come on silly eyes”, he said as he shook his head from side to side one evening while doing homework… “Mom you know when you read a bunch of words and it all goes blurry? 245 more words


Story#26: Growing Up Different

Age 3

“Mom, why does that kid have a patch on his eye?”  It was a question Alan heard dozens of times, but it was parent’s answer that always bothered him. 1,190 more words

First thing tomorrow break me a block of old Jamaica

Pass me a block of old Jamaica so I can sit back and enjoy Lazy Eye’s brand new EP.  After self financing 5 previous singles the boys are now signed to Ugly Man Records for their latest release  298 more words

Unsigned Music