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How Utter Darkness Could Heal Lazy Eye

How Utter Darkness Could Heal Lazy Eye

ed: i have read in a couple of accounts of darkness retreatants, of the improvement of their eyesight.  following is an extract for full and original post go… 1,356 more words


You're so vain

If anyone were to find my phone right now, they would think I was incredibly vain. It’s full of selfies, taken at almost every conceivable angle. 789 more words

"Who are you looking at?"

Today, a coworker handed me a Medicare Remit Advice (this is a payment list that shows me how much Medicare pays for a patient’s therapy charges, of which, I bill… 2,652 more words

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Top News: #EyeHealth

Here are the top read news for #EyeHealth:

‘Lazy eye’ childhood condition can be treated in adults:

Dr. McDonnell corrected her vision in a two-hour outpatient surgical procedure in which the six extraocular (outer) eye muscles are tightened and/or loosened to achieve alignment: … 269 more words

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Jam of the Day: Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups

A few weeks ago on my way to work, the radio station I was listening to mentioned the band Silversun Pickups. Ever since then, I have been jamming to their song “Lazy Eye”. 67 more words



I’ve been missing without official leave from my blog these few days, the reason why, one word MAX.

Yep the little sod threw my phone for the last time and now the screen doesn’t work. 318 more words


Trees, Vampires, Unphotogenic Women

Weight-loss is slow going, I believe the last time I revealed my weight to you I was 59.5 kg/131 lbs. Now I am 57 kg/125.6 lbs and it has taken me a damn long time to get to this point. 720 more words