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Story#26: Growing Up Different

Age 3

“Mom, why does that kid have a patch on his eye?”  It was a question Alan heard dozens of times, but it was parent’s answer that always bothered him. 1,190 more words

First thing tomorrow break me a block of old Jamaica

Pass me a block of old Jamaica so I can sit back and enjoy Lazy Eye’s brand new EP.  After self financing 5 previous singles the boys are now signed to Ugly Man Records for their latest release  298 more words

Unsigned Music

Lazy Eye

This comic is a homage to the fact that as a child (and even high school student) I struggled with navigating the waters of a lazy right eye, which just wouldn’t cooperate with me. 96 more words

Creative Writing

[Mind Vault] The "Is the apple on the table?" eye exam

Mind Vault: the place for storing weird, sometimes nonsensical memories for potential evaluation at a later time. À la Finn’s mental strategy from Adventure Time.  983 more words


Game Therapy Shows Promise for Treating "Lazy Eye" in Children

A common cause of decreased vision in children is amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye.” Often confused with strabismus, or the misalignment of the eyes, amblyopia refers to vision reduction in one eye due to the brain favoring the other eye. 357 more words

Amblyopia's personal story and how the latest research is shaping a path for better results in patient care

It’s especially important to you If you have a child or grandchild diagnosed with it. It’s important to you if you, yourself have grown up with it. 1,693 more words

Vision Therapy Best Practices

Sarcasm & Spies

Beauty in the day: they were first-graders, and they were going home mid-day. They didn’t feel great. Their mom was there to sign them out, and was in the process of doing so, white Kit and I engaged them in curious conversation. 161 more words