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Running Errands

After spending the morning with Quenim, we prepared for the day before heading to the main hall for breakfast. I had a lot on my mind: Grinfish and Frankie’s elopement (which was potentially illegal, maybe, but I was starting to doubt my previous assessment of Frankie’s… age), our alliance with the Crown, what the hell Frankie and Orre had been up to the previous evening, and, of course, my burgeoning relationship with Quenim. 3,134 more words


Two Weddings and Three Funerals (This Has Nothing to Do with Hugh Grant)

My family drove to a country church in a small town southeast of Dayton. Sonny, my father’s boyhood friend, had a daughter who had chosen to marry young. 808 more words

Video Games as Medical Aid

Video games can be a controversial subject. They can arouse contradictory discussions, being able to incite people to take equally passionate opposite stances, for or against them. 247 more words

Various Other Ramblings

Why Does Ed Sheeran Always Look Like He's Wearing Glasses With Eyeballs Painted On The Lenses?

I’m a big Eddy Sheeran guy. You can probably tell because I just called him Eddy Sheeran. I like his music. I always have. Ever since I heard “Thinking Out Loud” for the first time I just knew this dude was legit. 378 more words

Amblyopia! is not child's play, or "Lazy eyed Princess Donelle"

Doesn’t it sound like a fun kid’s game? With a kicky jingle and commercials on Nickelodeon?! Or the next big Disney Franchise?!

ummm….okay, that’s just me…. 592 more words


She did that!

Hello Yellow, so I’m having a great day. I tried false eyelashes on for the first time today and it went quite well. Between me and you, I shy away from false eyelashes because I was born with a lazy eye (that I sometimes call Bonshanique – she can be so stubborn and mess up some selfies). 108 more words


Amblyopia Affects Reading

  • Approximately 1-2 children in every classroom will suffer from amblyopia
  • Amblyopia is the most common one-eyed vision impairment in children
  • Amblyopia slows down reading speed…
  • 232 more words
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