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5 Reasons to be a lazy housewife

It’s been about six months since I was paid to work. The last four have been a whirl of poopy diapers, endless nursing and crash courses in Incy Wincy Spider and Patty Cake. 457 more words

Family Life

Family Mess, Family Art

This is my everyday day.

My unflattering chore hair.

My pile of washed laundry that may get worn before it gets put away.

My bed. Probably no one’s made it in a week. 765 more words

Fight The Stigma!

The long and the short of it

One of the best results we are currently having in the garden is with our bean crop – well at least some of it. Two of the five varieties I planted in November have really taken off, those are the Gourmet Delight bush beans… 679 more words

What's New This Week 3.18.13


Week Six in our Move to Florida Countdown. I feel like Michael ‘Squints’ Palledorous at the pool (Sandlot…if you didn’t get the reference, please go watch it so that we can still be friends). 195 more words


From REAL SIMPLE: Lemony Asparagus w/ Pine Nuts & Parmesan

This week I decided to try another new recipe from Real Simple. You can find the recipe  and professional photos here, but my favorite part – well, parts – were what I discovered “outside” of the recipe. 238 more words

Lazy Housewife

Five-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

A few months ago, my wonderful friend over at Obsessive Daydreamer gave me a few pages she saved for me from her Real Simple magazine featuring 10 ways to use rotisserie chicken. 92 more words

Lazy Housewife

My "Dream" DIY List is slowly becoming a reality...

To the tune of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”

All my pinnin’ ladies, (all my pinnin’ ladies)

All my pinnin’ ladies, (all my pinnin’ ladies)

Put those pins UP! 85 more words

Lazy Housewife