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The Lazy Mother's Guide to Groceries

One in an occasional series, entitled The Lazy Mother’s Guide to Saving the Planet.


            You know what I do not like doing?  Shopping.  It is all so darned complicated, what with the parking and the walking and the searching and the never-finding.  632 more words


The Lazy Mother's Guide to Bathroom-water conservation

One in a whenever-the-heck-I-feel-like-it series. 


           “We’re not in a drought,” he tells me.  “What does it matter how much water I use?”  This is actually quite true.  1,119 more words


The Lazy Mother's Guide to Giftwrap

Part three in an ongoing series.  I promise, the next installment will not be holiday-related.

            Say what you will about ordering gifts online; for those of us who dislike shopping, it is the greatest invention of the internet revolution.  722 more words


The Lazy Mother and Holiday Cards

I’ll have that recipe up tomorrow, along with a bonus spinach recipe.  But, today is Hump Day, and Julie asks us to write about making new friends but keeping the old.  839 more words

Lazy Mother's Guide to Saving the Planet

            Yesterday, I linked y’all to a lovely young lady who has pledged to make a difference every day for all of Advent.  She is blogging about it, and she has gotten some excellent support, including people willing to make matching donations.  662 more words