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Let Me Explain....

The main reason I made this blog was to fulfill my insatiable itch to share to the world of my garbage… er.. creations that I go about making for three hours or more usually twice a week. 231 more words

Special Wednesdays

Bloggers, Start Using Wordpress Correctly

I guess this is another Fire Emblem break post. But needless to say, it’s a simple post that involves talking about WP and making sure you use it properly. 503 more words

all we are ... is dust in the wind, dude

So! I started off 2010 with a raging sinus headache. Not exactly an auspicious beginning, but not terrible.  Spent the night over at Nick’s – *almost* made it to midnight, watched Star Trek and Inglorious Basterds and the Dark Knight, ate a lot of snacks… you know, the good life. 79 more words