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All My Friends: Clare

Remember that time when we danced in the kitchen to “All My Friends”? It was the end of the night, all of us back together, ten year anniversary meet up. 1,017 more words

Short Story

"Borrowed Nostalgia For The Unremembered Eighties"

I think if James Murphy and I hung out we’d get along great. Or at the very least I’d feel great about the conversation while James might walk away from it feeling uncomfortable and weird. 711 more words

Just Because...

Seven year sketch

In March 2011 I read my wife’s copy of Danny Gregory’s ‘Creative License’ and started doing a drawing from life every day; this was one of my better decisions… Some days the drawings are tiny brief scraps, my hand on a table, late evening blear-eyed selfies in a mirror; some days they’re more ambitious, and at weekends and on holiday there are days with many drawings. 207 more words


Hypes I'm not that hyped about

Yeah… well.. this is probably going to be the post where I’m going to make some enemies… Anyways! I guess it’s part of the bloggers-deal. And it definitely concerns something that fascinate me a lot: taste! 612 more words


Ryan Leas - Sound of Silver

Sound of Silver is definitely one of my top 10 fave albums of all time, so I was hoping that Ryan Leas will do it justice. 98 more words

33 1/3

LCD Soundsystem – Tonite

The obvious “hit” from ‘American Dream’, the new “comeback” album from James Murphy and co. Disco kudos goes to the man once again with a song that rocks dancefloors for everyone ranging to Post Punkers, Disco lovers, House/Techno heads; and even to those sawdust sawing 80’s wannabe “kidz”.


Andreas Vollenweider

Andreas Vollenweider is the Swiss genius who gently plucks the electroacoustic harp with such feeling and with such beautiful tones, that he manages in just a few bars to conjure up everything good about the genre of music known as New Age. 479 more words

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