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What to Do with Old LCD Screens: Hack Your Own Electrochromatic Glass

There’s something decidedly science fiction-like about electrochromatic glass. A wave of a hand or a voice command and the window goes dark (or goes transparent). You can get glass like this today or you can add (pricey) film to existing glass, if you prefer. 208 more words



The 80/20 rule captures the inequity between output and return. It states that 80% of an outcome can be attributed to 20% of the causes for that outcome. 369 more words

Above Counter Takeaway Restaurant Multiple Screen Menu Mounting System - B-Tech System X BT8330

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Historically, mounting multiple screens in a perfectly straight line above a shop counter was a painstaking and time consuming project, involving countless measurements, remeasurements, checking and rechecking, in the hope that the line of screens would be perfectly level and evenly spaced. 336 more words