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Connect HD44780 LCD to USB

I wanted to use one of these cheap hd44780 1602 LCDs (16×2 characters) to display some stats of my headless server. Lcdproc is suitable best for doing this. 168 more words


I've been framed

I like looking at Thingiverse and I was browsing for ideas. I wanted to enclose the Pi in an enclosure and I would 3d print the enclosure. 122 more words

3D Printing

#13: LCD Display

During the past few weeks we got to see how the LED matrix works and its potential. Today, we will explore a different component— the liquid crystal display or LCD. 1,148 more words


Sony’s New Super-Bright TV Aims to Outshine OLED

OLED TVS ARE pretty amazing, but they aren’t perfect. Their weakness is brightness: They can’t match the output of an LED-backlit LCD TV. Brightness is only one aspect of a TV’s overall performance, but it’s an important one for HDR video—and HDR video, supposedly, is the future. 442 more words


The L word

The  shape looked like this, next I added inserts

It feels like designing something out of Meccano.
Maybe somewhere in my subconscious, that is why I added so many holes. 150 more words

3D Printing

Ways to Increase Battery Life on Your GoPro Hero 4 and 3

The Good With the Bad

The GoPro Hero 4 has a lot going for it, I know I’m not the first to admit it. 4k, 240 fps @ 720p, Time lapse, WiFi remote, a touch screen on the silver. 650 more words

Mini LED Projector, ELEPHAS Portable LCD Projector

Today I am going to review the awesome product the Upgrade Portable LCD Projector, ELEPHAS 1500 lumens Mini LED Projector with HDMI USB VGA AV for Party, Home Cinema, 30000 Hours Led life with Remote, Black… 363 more words

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