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Viewsonic N4060W 40-Inch LCD HDTV

ViewSonic is committed to meeting and exceeding its customers expectations in quality, value and innovation. In addition, ViewSonics ability and dedication to deliver products to the market ahead of its competition remains a primary focus of the company. 35 more words

4 Creative LCD and OLED Display Module Apps for Products and Marketing

Do you sell a product that utilizes an OLED or LCD display module? Do you want to create stunning showcases of your products and maybe get ideas for new markets? 86 more words

OV7670 Camera with STM32F0 Discovery board

Cameras! This is a project I’ve wanted to do for ages – I’ve had the module since early 2015. Using an STM32F0 (my shiny new one!), an ILI9163 160×128 LCD and an OV7670 FIFO camera module, I was able to achieve 20fps video on this tiny LCD with only a few tips and tricks! 1,042 more words

Consumer Friendly LCD Module Displays in Automobiles: Getting Popular

Touch screen lcd display module devices today enjoy widespread popularity in many different industries, and they appear poised to continue to figure prominently in the automotive sector. 88 more words

Greenhouse Monitoring Using GSM

I have done a project to detect dangerous gases present in this environment and control by using analysis because safety plays a major role in today’s world and it is necessary that good safety systems are to be implemented in places of education and work. 272 more words


Sophi Kravitz Talks The Tech Behind Art

Hackaday’s own mythical beast, Sophi Kravitz makes some amazing collaborative tech-art pieces. In this talk, she walks us through four of the art projects that she’s been working on lately, and gives us a glimpse behind the scenes into the technical side of what it takes to see an installation from idea, to prototype, and onto completion. 546 more words

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From Trash To TV

In days gone by, when TVs had CRTs and still came in wooden cabinets, a dead TV in a dumpster was a common sight. Consumer grade electronic devices of the 1960s and ’70s were not entirely reliable, and the inside of a domestic TV set was not the place for them to be put under least stress. 362 more words