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We’re Wednesday and as everyone knows, it’s #NCBD (aka New Comic Book Day). There are a lot of cool new comics available this week and I certainly encourage you to check them out. 51 more words

Navy secretary names combat ship the USS Marinette

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WBAY) – A naval combat ship built at Marinette Marine has been named in honor of the city.

On Thursday, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus officially named LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) 25 the USS Marinette. 147 more words



For Preventing the Littoral Combat Ships from Being a Burden to the Country and For Making Them Useful To the Naval Service

It is a sad thing for those Sailors who served on Littoral Combat Ships when they hear news of yet another engineering casualty on a newly commissioned ship. 2,769 more words


Future USS Wichita launched amid concerns over LCS program

MARINETTE, Wis. (WBAY) – Fincantieri Marinette Marine has launched its seventh littoral combat ship built for the US Navy.

The future USS Wichita hit the waters of the Menominee River on Saturday morning.  394 more words


Paul Costelloe SS17:BTS LFW

I had the pleasure of dressing for Paul Costelloe yesterday for the first day of LFW SS17, here are so,e btw and front of house snaps from what can only be described as an  iconic and inspiring show, lead by the inspiring designer himself, the collection is filled with amazing fabrics but most prominent was the Irish and British linen which played a huge part in forming his breathtaking collection. 

No icon on buttons in LCS or AX7

In LCS or New Dynamics AX you might have noticed that you have buttons missing their icon/image. It looks like this:

The solution is really simple. 51 more words