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The Same Child Shines When Seen Through a Different Prism


We’ve said it before, our guy seems to learn in leaps.  It’s never a steady upward curve for him.  He plateaus and then without any seeming rhyme or reason to it, he jumps up to the next level.  1,687 more words


3 Strategies To Accept Positive Feedback And Own Your Successes

Let’s call this call this curator friend Cynthia. Cynthia wrote back, “Two other curators worked with me on this (and may join us!), so I can’t take full credit.” She asked that I instead reference her with the significantly less exciting descriptor, “one of the curators of this exhibition.” She was understandably hesitant to get all the credit and wanted to make clear that there were other people involved with the exhibition. 39 more words



An Angkorian style tower, the inimitable place in the whole city, located in the heart of the capital. It was built in 1958 to Sybilles Cambodian Independence Day after winning back their independence from the French protectorate on the 9th of November 1953. 396 more words

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Soft skills gap - do appraisals really work for identification?

Next week I’m the guest speaker on the Bray Leino Learning webinar, “Identifying and Closing Soft Skills Gaps.” You can register here.

Appraisals are often used in organisations to review achievement and also look forward to goal setting for the coming year, which should include identifying all sorts of skills gap and how to close them. 572 more words


Cutting through the noise: CLOs make sense of constant disruption

Posted by Amy A. Titus and Josh Haims on April 20 2017.

It’s overwhelming at times…shifting career patterns, scalable learning, digital learning platforms and the legacy learning management system (LMS), rapidly evolving employee expectations, regulatory demands. 1,464 more words

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Training vs. Change Management

Why do change management professionals always seem to recite their resume as often as possible, highlighting their “extensive training development and facilitation” experience? Why is change management even a discipline outside of the training department? 97 more words


L&D should shift gears from 'training people' to 'being with people'!

Because that’s where great insights lie.

Mingling with people helps watch them up close, empathize with their challenges and understand their varying degrees of knowledge. These insights trigger a reflection on what can be done further to help them perform better. 398 more words

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