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Beginners’ guide to being a Learning and Development HR

Being an elder sibling is not easy. I had to teach my younger sister her school stuff, specially since the difference in age is as much as six years. 607 more words


Are shorter attention spans hampering your best efforts in L&D?

“According to scientists, the age of smartphones has left humans with such a short attention span even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer” …

652 more words

“What Is Wrong With Me?” ADHD Truths I Wish I Knew As a Kid /from Additudemag.com

Learning, Knowing, Understudying and Applying. Great Read with a perspective that should be a leading view in our daily interactions with our ADHD Children.

This is a great Article form Additudemag.com… 49 more words


This Is How The Way You Read Impacts Your Memory And Productivity

It’s no understatement that digital mediums have taken over every aspect of our lives. We check what our friends are doing on the glowing screens in our hands, read books on dedicated e-readers, and communicate with customers and clients primarily through email. 141 more words


Dementia & Learning Disability Awareness

The Alzheimer’s Society is running a project aiming to improve understanding about people with dementia who have a learning disability.

The society will deliver local training, support and advice to help anyone affected by dementia. 36 more words