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Topics for Nationals! - PF and LD


2016 Nationals PF Topic Area: Election Process

Resolved: On balance, a one-day national primary would be more beneficial for the United States than our current presidential primary process. 556 more words


FX/NX/LD/PF/CX – Extemp Files updates

The Extemp Files were updated Sunday morning, through the end of April. This includes the Elections and Supreme Court folders. Nationals is rapidly approaching, so I’ll do what I can to keep them up for anyone who might be attending. 249 more words


Is your strategy set to succeed?

We have been involved in working with many top teams in organisation’s where they need to decide upon which business models, strategies and “best practice” frameworks are the best for them. 93 more words

Organisational Development

Tips for lucid dreaming

so since the last lucid experience I wrote about. I had another one, which was also very short but at least it pumped me up with energy. 276 more words


Forager-learners at #cipdldshow

I’m attending the CIPD L&D Show 2016 – and this time, for the first time, as an official “blogsquad” member. This means I get to look frantic with a laptop for two days. 354 more words

Learning & Development

504 Plans & IEPs - What's the Difference?

In-school services for students with disabilities have come a long way in the past few decades. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004, public school districts are required by law to provide a student with the resources he or she needs to learn. 577 more words

It's all about perspective

This time last week I was still a mess. Since then it’s been interesting times!

Turns out, it’s all about your perspective. When David sent me an email saying “well done” after my confirmation, because of my perspective, I thought he was being sarcastic. 392 more words