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The Sounds Of UK Rap: @tweet_mist @MicRighteous @reekzmb @scribz6ix7even @SKEAMEROJB @ClueOfficial

Mist – ‘Ain’t The Same’

Birmingham rapper Mist really killed it with the video for his new track, ‘Ain’t The Same’. Filmed in Dubai, it shows Mist living life on a boat, being given gold chains by a Sheikh, driving sports cars, and generally living it up. 609 more words


Political Correctness Gone Mad: Has School Become Too Hostile For Boys ?

Parents of boys should ask themselves this question as they enter the doors of their schools. A myriad of incidents suggests that the answer is yes. 990 more words

Dyslexia, Ld, Executive Function, Working Memory, Girls, Boys



This blog is a short introduction to organizational learning. The first section, which you are currently reading, covers the subject of organizational learning in general and introduces some of the processes behind it. 1,463 more words


LD Nov/Dec '16 -Limit Qualified Immunity

Resolved: The United States ought to limit qualified immunity for police officers.

My information on this one isn’t going to be in the Extemp Files. You’ll need to connect to the… 262 more words


3 Steps to align learning with business goals

In this inaugural post of the #L&DToolBox, we tackle one of the most critical challenges #Learning & Development professionals face: how to design business-aligned learning. According to research published in MIT Sloan Management Review in 2015, one in four Fortune 500 CEOs are concerned with the quality of learning for their talent: what talent is learning is not aligned to business needs. 769 more words


LD Sep/Oct '16 - Nuclear power prohibition

Resolved: Countries ought to prohibit the production of nuclear power.

Civilization is energy.

Whichever side of the resolution you’re on, this is the starting point for analyzing the topic. 691 more words