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The Cholesterol Scare

OK, Your Cholesterol Test Was High… Now What?

Cholesterol results can seem scary and you want to do the right thing. Dr. Cindy Howard discusses how cholesterol works and the options available to you. 57 more words

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HEART DISEASE! How To Beat It! : Why it isn't fat that clogs up your arteries and how the true villain may surprise you!

Hello everyone its been a while, I could have sworn I had lost my mojo to my work,relationship and life generally, well am back! and I will be on about Heart disease and the cause; I have a very good friend who is a HBP (High Blood Pressure) patient and I feel so bad for him because he is permanently on medication and as much as he doesnt want me feeling bad for him; I cant help it but still feel bad, and that motivated me to research on heart diseases. 3,753 more words

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a tetracyclic molecule (fig. 1) and is the major sterol within animal tissue. It can be taken up through the diet or via biosynthesis. 555 more words


High HDLs and the Risk of Heart Disease

We hear all this stuff about Low-density lipoprotein (LDLs) and statins, but no one ever talks about High-density lipoprotein (HDLs) and how protective they are. They are protective. 800 more words


Myths of Cholesterol

A number of cholesterol myths have accumulated over the years, so it’s time to debunk some of these common fallacies and understand the facts instead. We’ve been programmed to believe that cholesterol is bad, however recent studies have steadily unfolded and overturned this belief. 843 more words


Cholesterol Essential to Heart Health

Did you know that the liver produces cholesterol everyday to regulate hormones, brain function, and arterial health? Don’t let anyone tell you cholesterol is a disease. 873 more words

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Size does matter: LDL particle size (and number)

So it turns out that the answer to the age old question “Does size matter?” is YES!

Lipids like cholesterol and triglycerides need to be transported from where they are absorbed or made to where they can be stored or metabolized. 751 more words