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Rare gene mutation protects people from 'bad' cholesterol

Isn’t it odd how certain people can eat junk food and smoke for most of their adult lives and never have cholesterol or heart problems? Seems almost unfair. 466 more words


Like me, Brian was an employee in a Multi National Corporation (MNC), dedicating most of his time in his cubicle  completing his documentation task, he puts up weight and added floats in his tummy.

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Cholesterol và chứng bệnh mỡ trong máu và chứng xơ vữa động mạch

Các bệnh gây ra do dư thừa mỡ khá phổ biến. Nhiều người cho rằng bệnh này gây ra do tuổi già nhưng thật sự đó chỉ là sự trùng hợp khi người ta lão hóa, quá trình thay đổi chất chậm hơn so với khi trẻ nên sự tích trữ mỡ và nhu cầu năng lượng giảm đi gây ra hiện tượng béo phì. 2,001 more words

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Why is Cholesterol our Friend and Foe? - Heal Beau

At normal levels, cholesterol is both a friend and foe to our body. Cholesterol, is actually, a steroid lipid (fat). It is an essential component in the body for proper functioning of cells. 10 more words


There Is No Such Thing as Good or Bad Cholesterol

It is a misconception that there is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol.

When people refer to ‘good’ or ‘bad’ cholesterol what they are usually referring to are the lipoproteins  192 more words


Forget Cholesterol! 

Forget Cholesterol

Inflammation’s the Real Enemy
Keeping up with which foods to eat and which ones to avoid could be a full-time job. That’s because scientists continue to learn more about what we put in our bodies. 766 more words


Presence of Good and Bad Cholesterol in Our Regular Diets

Are you looking for fat free or lipid free diet? Are you very much conscious about your cholesterol level?

Let’s start with what a diet means. 621 more words

Balanced Diet