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10 Regimens That Can Quit Heart trouble

Why would definitely your dear old committed heart get a heart disease? I actually feel as never-ceasing as you do, trust me. My existing information and day-to-day customers launched by the American Heart Company, the CDC, and the NIH program that heart disease mean the leading factor of… – #Goals, #Happiness, #Health, #LDL – #Goals, #Happiness, #Health, #LDL… 6 more words

Cholesterol Phobia

Cholesterol research is difficult, esoteric and accessible in journals that seldom make it beyond their target audience – other people doing the same type of work. 1,220 more words


10 Programs That Could Cease Heartdisease

Why could your expensive old loyal center get yourself a heart problems, right? Personally I think as immortal when you do, trust in me. But, my everyday sufferers and new research printed from the National Heart Association, the CDC, as well as the NIH present that center disorders signify … – … 33 more words

Common sense

I recently updated the “nuts & bolts” page where I touch on how our bodies provide ‘medicine’ to heal.  There is a LOT more to put on that page but I wanted to start sharing since there is a wealth of information that I hope to put there… 541 more words

Higher Mortality with Lower Cholesterol Numbers

From HippoEd’s Primary Care RAP:

This study found a 22% higher risk of death for each 30 mg/dL (0.78 mmol/L) reduction in serum cholesterol.

  • Ramsden CE, et al.

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Fasting No Longer Required for Lipid Panel Testing

Three meta-analyses and five clinical practice guidelines addressing whether fasting was necessary to measure accurately or predict CV events.

Nonfasting test results result in clinically-insignificant changes compared with fasting for TC, HDL and LDL… 54 more words

Family Medicine/Pearls