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I love my job and I love the company I work for. Part of the amazing thing about them is that they have a whole part of HR devoted to our health and wellness. 764 more words

Weight Loss

Why a "total cholesterol" score is meaningless

My hubby Greg has just come back from the pathology lab, holding his test results in hand, and with a big smile on his face. If anyone took a closer look at that piece of paper, they would be very worried about his present state of mind. 1,031 more words

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When 'Good' Cholesterol Is Even Better

When ‘Good’ Cholesterol Is Even BetterPosted on May 28, 2015Professional Village Compounding Pharmacy

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Is 63 grams of liquid sugar the answer to high cholesterol?

A friend recently shared this tweet with me:

She had asked the tweeter for more details but hadn’t received a response. My response: “Ugh. No wonder so many people don’t trust us as dietitians”. 534 more words

Know the Risk of Taking Supplements

Are Herbal Supplements Safe?

The Food and Drug Administration regulates herbs and other dietary supplements differently from traditional medications. The standards of safety and efficacy that traditional medications have to meet before gaining approval to be marketed do not apply to these types of supplements. 1,388 more words


Medications for hypertension and statins do NOT stop plaque build-up. The answer is ______________

Very interesting article on Medpage.com.  “Intensive Therapy Fails to Slow Atherosclerosis”. 

In short, despite intensive therapy (involving statins and medications), for patients who received stents to treat narrowed, weakened, or blocked arteries plaque continued to form after drug intervention.  260 more words