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Reach for an Avocado for your Heart

For this last week of Heart Health month, I am going to feature some of my favorite heart-healthy foods. Today, I will zoom in on Avocados. 459 more words

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Statin cholesterol drugs are for bread-eaters

Much of the $23 billion spent each and every year on statin drugs is really targeting the treatment of “high cholesterol”—but actually unhealthy distortions in lipoproteins—created by consuming grains. 1,174 more words

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Why Olive Oil Is So Good for the Heart

All cholesterol is not equal. It comes in healthy and unhealthy forms, and doctors have long advised people to cut back on the bad cholesterol, … 489 more words


Kadar kolesterol yang terlalu tinggi dapat meningkatkan risiko berbagai penyakit pembuluh darah seperti stroke dan serangan jantung koroner. Untuk itu penderita kolesterol tinggi harus rutin mengonsumsi obat dan memeriksakan kadar kolesterol darahnya. 380 more words

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Leac împotriva colesterolului mărit

Lăsat netratat, un nivel ridicat de colesterol de tip LDL poate duce la apariția bolilor cardiovasculare.

Pentru a prepara acest remediu, aveți nevoie de următoarele ingrediente: 94 more words

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Excercise and prevention of heart disease

How can exercise prevent heart disease?

Dr. Paul Dudley White, the famous physician who has taught many a luminary in the field of cardiology once wrote that heart disese before eighty is our fault and not God’s will or nature’s will. 203 more words

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Five Surprising Foods that are Super for your Heart

February is National Heart Health Month. Last February, I wrote about why the Mediterranean Diet is great for your health; click here to read up on that. 399 more words

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