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Lowering Cholesterol Helps Stay Healthy

Cholesterol is a fatty material that gets deposited in the body and blood vessels through circulatory system. Higher the cholesterol level, greater you are at risk of developing life-threatening diseases. 606 more words

General Health

Lower Your Cholesterol, Once and For All

Your doctor told you that your cholesterol is high or borderline or you have a family member who has the condition. You dutifully take the prescription drugs but as time passes, your numbers aren’t changing or they may have changed only marginally. 75 more words

Freethinking February

Are Statins the Best Option for a Healthy Heart?

February is Heart Month. Many factors other than genetics influence heart health. High levels of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol increase cardiovascular risks. Statins are the most effective classification of drugs and frequently considered the best option for lowering LDL levels. 313 more words


Fit Minute | Check Cholesterol for Alzheimer's Risk

If you think getting Alzheimer’s disease is a just a consequence of bad genes or bad luck, think again. Researchers suggest you could have some control over your getting the disease. 265 more words


Firemen Causing Fires!

This past week I stumbled across a discussion online of a TV show that aired recently. The show told an interesting story that I’d love to share. 510 more words

Some Clarity on Cholesterol

Here are the basic mechanics – the first in a 3 part series on Cholesterol, Fats and Heart disease.  The mis-information is too great, the beliefs are skewed, and the truth is that most of you can eat cheese and butter (and eggs!) and never get heart disease.   1,571 more words