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Chief Executive of Liverpool Arrested and Questioned over LDL and OCL scandal

The Mayor of Liverpool should resign after his lack of judgement in this moral and financial crucial issue

Statement from the Liberal Democrats

“I am delighted that after 3.5 years investigation by the Lancashire Police four men are being brought to justice and will presumably appear in court. 246 more words

Liverpool City Council

Truth About Cholesterol Medication

One keeps reading about the side effects of medications for high cholesterol and that it may not be good to take Statins that are meant to control cholesterol discrepancy. 664 more words


Surely if I eat fat, I will get fat?

If you read my posts last week about the reasons we get fat and how we can shed excess fat you may have noticed that I said… 723 more words

Diet And Nutrition

Normal Cholesterol Levels? You are still at risk of a heart Attack!! Track your bio-markers

Cardiovascular Risk

A healthy heart is vital to longevity. In recent years evidence has shown that preventing heart disease is not simply a matter of driving cholesterol levels down. 83 more words


What Do My Lipid Numbers Mean?

I just had my blood lipid panel taken. The results made me want to share some thoughts on this assessment. Let’s start with what cholesterol is and why we should care. 376 more words


Vinegar and Health

Some of you might have heard or read that drinking a glass of warm water with lemon is a great way to kickstart our metabolisms first thing in the morning. 960 more words