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Here's What Cholesterol Can Do To the Brain

There’s growing evidence that the heart and brain are connected, since both rely on keeping the blood system healthy. Now, in a study published in the journal… 323 more words

Pistachios Lowers Cholesterol - Do you know Why?

It is said that pistachios lowers cholesterol levels in the body. There are various reasons and evidences for this fact.

Source: Pistachios Lowers Cholesterol – Do you know Why?


What's about Cholesterol?

For some very weird reason a while back, I used to confuse Calories with Cholesterol, thankfully, I’ve had that straightened out. And, I learnt some really interesting facts along the way. 531 more words

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Lowering LDL cholesterol

A simple health mind map to help you visualise what food introductions may have a positive step in helping you reduce your LDL.


I was really worried about His Health..

Worried about your spouse’s health? Read through, because I was really worried about mine!

We were happy and content, living life kingsize in India. And then, one fine day, it was a health checkup day, company sponsored. 621 more words

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Membantu Mengurangi Lemak Darah

Cholestimax telah terstandarisasi secara ilmiah dan di dukung secara klinis dari bahan alami Beras Ragi Merah yang telah difermentasi (Monascus Purpureus Went) yang merupakan makanan kesehatan tradisional masyarakat Cina. 65 more words


Eggs? Are they eggcellent for my health....

First, let me address why I have put this blog together
‘I don’t like eating eggs, as I KNOW they increase my chances of disease and raise my cholesterol’ 520 more words