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Health and Nutrition: Update on the Power of Food

You may remember a post I did back in March about a 6 week experiment my husband and I did. His bloodwork numbers were not very good, particularly his cholesterol and he finally decided to do what I’d been suggesting for a very long time and change his diet. 761 more words


First blood test results

As a part of my care for the diabetes I do take blood tests. I don’t know how often I will do them, but here are the results for the first test run. 89 more words


Healthy Heart: Update on Cholesterol Case Study

You may remember a post I did in March of this year sharing my husband’s cholesterol experiment. To refresh your memory or in case you didn’t read it, he decided after years of being told his cholesterol was high and he needed to go on statins, that he would go gluten free for 6 weeks to see if that would make a difference. 756 more words


296: Butter: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Health Sachet No 296:

Butter has been the poster boy (or girl) of unhealthy food. Guidelines advise limiting its consumption.

But how is the scientific evidence? 99 more words

Heart Disease

Paleo - Part 3 - 3 Month Cholesterol Results

Since starting on the Paleo journey, the one thing that had been playing on my mind was Cholesterol levels, knowing they were high at the start of this journey, my concern was that they could potentially get worse. 665 more words


Selamat Datang Umur 30 Tahun

Memasuki usia 30 tahun tidak berarti cuek dengan kesehatan tubuh Anda.

Melainkan semakin memperhatikan pola makan, olahraga teratur dan tidur cukup.

Tidak sedikit mereka kurang memperdulikan kesehatan jika menuju 30 tahun. 151 more words


Human Growth Hormone - Naturally Produced

I know this is considered an illegal Sports enhancement drug but if you are finding you have most of the symptoms below it is because your body is not making enough growth hormone. 120 more words