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Babe's Surprise

I traveled to Semarang, a capital city of Central Java, Indonesia, where is rich of cultural and historical monuments. I met my old friends, and the most significant goal is for Job Test. 260 more words


Anti-Valentine Dayist

I’m one of the “VDay Haters”.

Many might assume this is because I’m in an LDR, but that’s not the case.

I’ve always disliked Valentine’s Day. 366 more words


What it feels like to be degraded.

We spoke to a lawyer today, who told us the three paths that we can take in order for me to immigrate here to the US. 296 more words


Military Talk: Our Final Goodbye

I spent the entire weekend with my boyfriend… which is why I didn’t have time to blog (I totally had two planned to do but just didn’t have time for them). 467 more words


LED que varia conforme luminosidade

int luminosidade = 0;

void setup() {
pinMode (9, OUTPUT);
Serial.begin (9600);


void loop() {
luminosidade = analogRead (A0);
Serial.print (luminosidade);
Serial.println (“,”);

 if (luminosidade > 400) {
digitalWrite (9, HIGH);



4 LDR Valentine's Date Ideas

Valentine’s is just around the corner, literally like just few days from now. If I am in the Philippines, I would have probably see a lot of flower shops and vendors circulating outside the University and malls. 585 more words


November 25, 2015

This day sucked.  Big time.

At eight in the morning a plane departed from the San Diego International Airport and trekked off to some tiny airport in a tiny town in Pennsylvania.  374 more words