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A Letter to a Millionaire with Money to Spare

Dear Mr/Ms Millionaire,

I know that writing this letter could be pointless, but nevertheless I wanted to give it a shot. It’s not like I’d be arrested for something like this. 1,377 more words


8 Things You Will Understand When You Are LDR with Your Best Friends

Whether it’s a choice or a situation wherein you have no complete control, it sucks to be separated with people you’ve known for more than a decade and whom you call your best friends. 707 more words


It’s not often I remember my dreams, but last night I had a really beautifully symbolic one.

There was this race to find a lost treasure through rough terrain, and Johan and I were partnered up.   134 more words


Endure (Day 23/210)

My mind is unsettled today. Thoughts spring up like weeds but none take root. There’s a certain numbness, a certain sense of suffocation. Can loneliness be suffocating? 266 more words


Subject: Making a List - Pros and Cons

25 February 2017

Dear R,

Last night we had a long talk. This time it was consistently serious. I know that you’re having a hard time deciding whether to go to Australia or not. 2,139 more words

To Renaud

Things I've Learned From A Long Distance Relationship

My experience of LDR’s started when I was in a 2 year long distance relationship out of the 4 years, and now Mr Penguin and I are back into long distance. 762 more words


5 things you learn from having a long distance relationship

So, a question. Does this long distance relationship thing really work?

Well I tell you this. I sure do hope so.

To let you know where I stand on the issue. 1,523 more words