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Sajak Cinta-Rangga

Kemarau yang basah,

Membawa serta rindu yang gelisah

Sementara batin terus bertanya,

Akankah kita kembali bertemu setelah tujuh purnama?

Juli yang dingin,

Membawa serta kenangan delapan musim… 27 more words

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Today I Will Not Miss You

Today I won’t miss you. Today, you will not be my first aching thought when I open my tired eyes and I won’t roll over and search for the warmth of your body beside me. 602 more words

Long Distance Relationship: Reason for a bucket list

When you and your other half are miles apart , you want to experience every singe thing together even more than couples who are in a local relationship, I know I do  ! 211 more words


The Night Before

– Vanilla! Hehe, your lips will taste like vanilla! Her pores exploded with the mixed emotions she was feeling. There was happiness, she’d be holding him for the first time. 463 more words


I'm Over You And It Feels So Good To Say It And Finally Mean It!

You saw that I am online in Facebook. You sent a message to me saying your warm regards. It was a normal message for me. I don’t anymore feel jittery whenever you send messages to me online. 484 more words


War of Words

Arguments, they happen. Sometimes they are just a small squabble, and other times they will take their toll. There isn’t any avoiding them, even if you do try. 426 more words


Hujan Bulan Juli

“Masih ingatkah engkau?

Pada hujan di bulan Juli?

Pada gerimis yang tetiba hadir

Dan rintik memantulkan senja,

Pada kaca-kaca jendela?

Tak ada yang lebih liris, 38 more words

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