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Cigarettes and Trust

When you first start a long distance relationship (at least, when I first started mine), it was relatively…. easy, I guess. I mean, I had friends and family in Brisbane. 748 more words


Distance and spaces

Is the distance between us not enough for you?

Long distance relationship – why did I even put myself into this situation?

Everyone knows that ldr won’t work.

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military boyfriend?

Ever since I was a little girl I have had this dream of marrying a man in uniform, to be more specific, a military guy. I always thought they looked so HANDSOME in uniform. 384 more words


Subject: There is a Lump in My Chest, Literally and Metaphorically.

27 August 2016

Dear R,

Today I did not go to work. I was with my sister the whole day and we went to see a doctor. 1,162 more words


Gone Again...An Update on My LDR

So my bliss has started to fade. I was so excited to have him home in April. Ecstatic even. He came home on the date of our anniversary and I couldn’t have had a better gift. 634 more words


Shae Smi.... I mean John Smith. John Smith.

I’m obviously taking a Doctor Who timey-wimey approach to these blogs. Originally today I had wanted to talk about something else but this morning Shae skyped me and now I want to write about this instead. 424 more words


Next Trip is Planned!

Now, I don’t believe I will be posting every day on here, but I wanted to post today because I had some amazing news. I was able to book my ticket to Scotland today!!! 470 more words