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Day 497: How to Annoy My Boyfriend (Part Two)

Day 497: How to Annoy My Boyfriend (Part Two) (Letters)

20 June 2018



I miss you so much. It’s been about two days since our last call and I feel so empty without having to hear from you. 226 more words

How To Survive A Long-Distance Relationship

As someone who was previously in a long-term long-distance relationship, I figured I should pass on some of my wisdom about them to people who might be facing one now. 586 more words


How to Enjoy Long Distance Relationship

(and continue doing so when you are together already plus caution! long notes after)

  1. Form good habits. Be consistent. Do things that make your special someone happy.
  2. 825 more words
How To

Sending love from Here, Nowhere

I hate your crooked smile. I hate your eyes. I hate the way you blink and say Hi.

I hate your crinkled nose. I hate your cheeks. 114 more words


When they are the one...

Knowing he or she is the one.

I know she is the one, I wake up everyday she is my first thought, when I sleep at night she is my last. 219 more words

That Drunk Call 🍸

She: “Hey. Didn’t expect a call from you at this hour. Aren’t you in your office?”

He: “No. I am at a pub. We left work early today.

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Your lips are like marshmallows

That melts too quickly
How long will the wait be?

day and night and day and night and day and night… 54 more words