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Bookwyrm Report - Vol. 9

Summer is almost here! Look out next week for a post where I will summarize my first-year college experience, but for now I am looking forward to catching up on books that I’ve been reading recently. 595 more words


The Left Hand of Darkness

I was a bit unlucky in my first encounter with Ursula K. Le Guin’s novels. I devoured Fantasy novels as a young teenager and when I found her Earthsea novels which were both highly recommended and written by a woman I was eager to try them. 473 more words

David Naimon, The Imaginative Reality of Ursula K. Le Guin

David Naimon: You’ve often talked about the importance of sound, that the sound of language is where it all begins, and that language is, at its core, a physical thing. 273 more words

Language and Utopia

I’m in the very early stages of thesis writing and I thought I’d put some preliminary thoughts up here.

I’m working on language and Utopia. I’m interested in the extent to which language determines and delimits thought, and literary utopias and dystopias are one field  in which this relationship has been explored. 852 more words


(10) A Wizard of Earthsee // Bookish Blurb

A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K LeGuin

I heard about this book because the author recently died and apparently lots of people liked her books and I had never read any of them. 178 more words


The Classics Spin #17: what I got


The Classics Club

The Classics Spin #17

Twitter hashtag: #ccspin

For Classics Spin #14, I got #1: A Wizard of Earthsea 142 more words

Book Review: Ursula K Le Guin's Words Are My Matter

A copy of Ursula K. Le Guin’s Words Are My Matter was damaged at my place of employment, and I was gifted a copy. After casually leafing through this book I looked up and noticed two hours had gone by!  431 more words