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Acres of Ground*

*incidentally the title of a great Eliza Carthy/Imagined Village song.

Deep breath.

So this is what it feels like:

the helpful young doctor pauses for a moment, sits back and sighs before broaching the subject: “it’s not easy to walk in to an appointment and just start talking to some stranger of a doctor about how you’re really feeling, is it?”  And I sit staring at my shoes.  685 more words



While deconstructions often end up darker, edgier, sadder, and more cynical than the normal version, there is no reason they have to be.

-TVTropes article on…

3,866 more words

the meaning of objects

I was given these lovely buttons recently. I’m not sure how many families pass down the button box, a store of old, new, useful, ugly – and some gorgeous – buttons. 395 more words

Critical Journal

Why are Americans afraid of dragons? By Ursula Le Guin.

After reading ” Why are Americans afraid of dragons” by Le Guin, I immediately thought of the movie Inside Out. When I watched Inside Out with my five year old niece I was not expecting to be entertained. 337 more words



Ursula Le Guin has written a series of poems about Malheur and the Steens Mountain country.  Here’s just one:

High Desert

Out here, there is another way to be. 147 more words


5 Kickstarter Projects for Book Lovers

So, I have a bit of a love affair with kickstarter. The platform is fantastic for independent projects and unique works that may otherwise not get produced. 1,304 more words

Science Fiction

My Heart Bleeds in Memories

Dear Mia,

I love reading through people’s New Years resolutions and the reading challenges they give themselves.

Today so happened that Maria Podova from BrainPickings… 430 more words