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Some (light) reading for the festive season

First Things First – 40 TODAY

The Right – direction of travel … rightwards

Seriously Hard Man of The Right, Laurent Wauquiez, has been overwhelmingly (and predictably) elected by the ever-dwindling membership of France’s conservative party (aka Les Républicains in its most recent manifestation) and so become its President. 2,610 more words


Awakened from my o'er-long Bloggers Slumber by the sound of ... wall-to-wall Johnny

De l’idole yé-yé à l’icône nationale (Le Monde) (From yeah-yeah* idol to national icon)

Every radio station played his songs on a loop. Magazines and newspapers produced endless ‘Johnny’ supplements. 1,509 more words



Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today I will be kicking off my stationary series (probably the one thing I am most excited about). Throughout this series, I will be reviewing and suggesting my favorite stationary items over the course of however long I decide to keep this going. 442 more words

The President 'has to get some tangible results, particularly regarding jobs, for the French to regain confidence. His problem is it'll take time, and people are impatient'. (Collomb, Le Monde)

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Last Sunday actually started rather well for President Macron. He learnt from Le Journal de Dimanche that following his Precipitate Popularity Plunge (down 10 points in July, down 14 points more in August) … 1,715 more words


How Le Pen Reignited the Flame of French Nationalism

The recent nationalist developments in France, in the aftermath of multiple terror attacks, is easy to understand. What’s harder to grasp is the common defence of Marine Le Pen that suggests she’s actually an extreme leftist rather than a right-leaning wingnut, but frankly this does nothing to trivialise the Machiavellian worldview of her party. 879 more words

Will Macron be the Third Man of the social-liberal left, after Schroder and Blair? (Bezat, Le Monde) Will Macron become France's Thatcher? (Mortimer, The Spectator)

‘Of course I never said that I saw myself as Jupiter’. A man who never said that speaks and speaks and speaks and … 

‘Macron, The Big Interview’ duly thudded onto the news-stands last week. 2,679 more words


France's Le Pen 'determined' to revitalise far right -- "Macronism is the triumph of the dominant class whose only moral veneer is human rights and whose only values and purpose is money."


© AFP | Back from holiday with a ‘burning sense of duty’

BRACHAY (FRANCE) (AFP) – France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen, whose National Front (FN) party emerged weakened and divided from this year’s elections, said Saturday she was “determined” to revitalise her movement. 325 more words