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^ These guys are really the pinnacle of the downtrodden Trump was appealing to, right?Oh the calls to return to the “good old days” that are happening everywhere. 393 more words


Series 1 - Raay 2

Burkini, Bikini, Burqa, Bur-huh?

It saddens me to know that today the ‘burq-kini’ has been banned in France of all places. Little did I know that the covering of someone’s face or body in this case would intimidate someone so much one day that stripping in public was the way to eradicate this fear. 644 more words

Trump Saves the World

So I recently glanced at a New York Times article entitled, LePen Loses Luster, Signaling Far Right’s Retreat.  I didn’t even read the article, but the headline set me thinking about the last fifteen years of events set in motion largely by George W. 670 more words


revolutionary reflections | A Take on the Political Situation in France

In 2017 the sense of political crisis has deepened across much of the developed world. From the Trump presidency to Corbyn’s stunning march on the Tories, the centre ground is crumbling under forces to the left and right. 5,622 more words

Revolutionary Reflections

Yannopoulos: "It Was German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble Who Called The UK General Election."

Grexit, Brexit, Frexit how the EU and Germany in particular are destroying the people of the European Union.


99 de probleme inexistente, toate ale Franței

Într-o Europă a extremelor, cel de-al II-lea tur al alegerilor din Franța a surpins în cursă doi politicieni atipici. Marine Le Pen, președinta Frontului Național, partid aparținînd extremei drepte, care s-a poziționat pe parcursul întregii campanii împotriva politicii Uniunii Europene, NATO, a globalizării și imigranților, bazîndu-și întregul discursc pe idei naționaliste, și Emmanuel Macron, cel care a pus bazele partidului de centru, liberal, La République en marche!, și care și-a construit campania pe ideea schimbării strategiei de fond. 312 more words