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"Leadbelly? Huh?"

When we graduated from our little grade school, we went to a large urban high school which drew from six elementary schools. Lincoln High brought a very diverse group of kids together for the first time. 269 more words

Music Video of the Day: Sliver by Nirvana (1993, dir. Kevin Kerslake) + Lead Belly

According to my calendar, it is Nirvana Day in Buddhism. On this day, you are supposed to celebrate when the Buddha achieved complete Nirvana–Paranirvana–by dying after having achieved Nirvana in life. 1,846 more words

Music Video

Nobody in this World is Better Than Us (1940s) -Lead Belly

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This is the second time I’m listening to Lead Belly and this time he is much more stripped down. “Nobody in this World is Better Than Us” is a studio session of a strophic song that Lead Belly sings without any instruments. 196 more words


Scottsboro Boys (1936) -Lead Belly

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If I could condense this song into one sentence it would be: “That was unexpected”.  I had to definitely do some reasearch and listen to the song again with lyrics in order to try to get a good comprehension of the song. 234 more words


Edwidge Danticat–”Ghosts” (New Yorker, November 24, 2008)

SOUNDTRACK: BILLY BRAGG & JOE HENRY-Tiny Desk Concert #571 (October 17, 2016).

I don’t really know who Joe Henry is (although I see that he has released 13 albums).  774 more words

Short Story

The Projects: The Vintage Collector, Vol. 4

By Spencer. It’s a good week to focus on simpler times, so we continue our series on the essential vinyl albums with a look at a couple of guitar gods from very different eras; Kurt Cobain’s favorite Depression-era icon; the godmother of punk; and a team-up of the two greatest drummers of all time. 1,312 more words


A Burning Ember to a Grove of Trees

Here we are, less than ten months after releasing our album Dust Among the Stars, with a surprise EP. It combines new recordings and previously released singles in one collection, most of which share a message of (cautious) optimism despite our current social calamities, and it was important to me to get this out before the 2016 Presidential election. 435 more words

Sci-fi Romance