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The Art of the Deal for B2B Content Marketers—Make It Personal!

Which came first – the chicken or the egg? People have argued convincingly on both sides of this age-old paradox and never reached a consensus. 1,138 more words

How Email Marketing boosts B2B Lead Generation?

Emails are considered as powerful tool to connect with prospects while used in right ways. As the digitalization takes agiant leap, marketers leave no stone unturned to employ newer tactics. 488 more words

Lead Generation

Email List Management Best Practices

Email can be a really effective marketing tool for brands. There is so much potential to increase ROI, gain exposure, build relationships with your customers and support existing advertising and marketing campaigns. 936 more words

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4 Elements To Creating Online Marketing Videos

4 Elements To Creating Online Marketing Videos

Videos are a great way to attain traffic to your blog, website, and social media platforms. They create instant connection because you get a chance to see the personality and traits of the person on the other side of the video. 156 more words

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Your Rampant Discounting is Costing You Sales Results?

Research shows 67% of sales people will offer a discount BEFORE a potential customer has even asked for one… what the actual?

What would your business look like if your sales team gave out 5% or even 10% fewer discounts over a year whilst maintaining the same revenue level? 641 more words


The smart way to save hundreds of dollars in social media ad spending

If you advertise in social media platforms – especially on Facebook, but the same is true for both Twitter and LinkedIn – you may have noticed that rates both per CPM or per action are substantially higher when you are not simply driving traffic to your website or social media properties. 225 more words