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The Sandwich Approach

My poor little brain is still drowning in ideas (or lack thereof) of what to do with the Mulberry House. Should we keep it as a 1-bedroom or add a second bedroom? 1,185 more words


Lead Poisoning is Real

I finally found a decent picture of the vintage army trunk that poisoned myself as a teen and my baby (now 7). I purchased it from a flea market to keep my records in and someone before me had painted it an obnoxious green so my plan was to strip it and repaint it something authentic. 432 more words


More nice household historic surprises

As in The Gift That Keeps On Giving, we found something unexpected and quite nice (considering our geeky interest in architectural history).

With the intention of stripping and staining the doors and woodwork, we used a heatgun to blister the paint to scrub off with a wire brush.  170 more words


Loosing Our Appeal

Old country store
with stories to tell;
Closed and locked
just waiting to be torn down.
Lead paint peeling
roof shingles falling off.
What a sad day… 56 more words

Murphy Puts Focus on Fixing Water Infrastructure, Lead Issues

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy presented his state-of-the-state address this week and cited addressing water infrastructure issues and lead exposure as one of his priorities for the coming year. 196 more words

Why Would You Paint an Antique Doorknob?

Continuing on my mission to accomplish all the tiny annoying house projects, I turned my attention to the gd doorknobs. They’re all gorgeous, antique brass… or they would be if the previous owner hadn’t SPACKELED AND PAINTED THEM LIKE AN UTTER FOOL. 567 more words

MisLEAD: documentary screening on YouTube

I need you to go and watch this now. I will be writing a review, but I don’t want you to wait for that. Here’s the link to… 50 more words