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The BBC…

TV channel funded by British licence fee payers but dont get good news coverage of our own country.

This program this prime example of why other countries like Pakistan should pay license fee too. 92 more words


In Our Hands

The headline in La República today says we will not go back into a quarantine.  The president of Peru pointed out that the citizens understand the need to take precautions, such as using a face mask and maintaining your distance, so additional time in quarantine is not warranted.  242 more words


Lead Poisoning is Real

I finally found a decent picture of the vintage army trunk that poisoned myself as a teen and my baby (now 7). I purchased it from a flea market to keep my records in and someone before me had painted it an obnoxious green so my plan was to strip it and repaint it something authentic. 432 more words


Community perspectives during a lead contaminated drinking water crisis: lessons for lactation and other health providers

Millions of people today live in contaminated environments. Often, these environments disproportionately affect nonwhite, racialized families who are low-income, pregnant, and/or feeding young children. Despite the overwhelming recognition among scholars and practitioners of these realities, however, few lactation or other health professionals center socially disadvantaged families’ perspectives in their work. 77 more words

Tackling Lead Pollution from Bullets

Photo: Jay Calderon/The Desert Sun.
A large net at the Redlands Shooting Park is designed to stop lead shot from getting into the adjacent Santa Ana River, but shot often gets through.
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Mining giant blames ‘dirty’ mum for child poisoning

Sunday Mail Vanda Carson 31 May 2020

A GLOBAL mining giant blames a Queensland mum for her young daughter’s brain damage, claiming that her failure to adequately clean her Mount Isa home, and encourage handwashing and good hygiene, was the reason her daughter had lead poisoning. 493 more words

Environmental Toxicology

Science History and Schadenfreude: A Polluting Scientist Gets His Comeuppance

This is really random, but I just finished Chapter 10 in Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, a wonderfully educational and entertaining science book that explains the universe from the beginning for laypeople to understand and build their scientic appreciation, understanding, and curiousity. 408 more words

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