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My car is parked sidelong on a hill. The driver-side wheels cling to the edge of the asphalt, barely touching the roadway. The passenger-side, eighteen-inches lower, sits on the lip of a steep, grassy embankment. 1,020 more words

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Making Syracuse Lead Safe, One Window at a Time

Syracuse’s aging housing stock, of which a high proportion is privately-owned rental units, is still poisoning children with lead, nearly 40 years after lead paint was banned. 521 more words


Mind the gap: Lead, mercury, asbestos, and differences in IQ

Decades before Freddie Gray died in police custody in 2015, he lived in a dilapidated house in the Baltimore neighborhood of Sandtown-Winchester, a part of the city where the average life expectancy is lower than in North Korea. 1,653 more words


Why Frangible Lead-Free Ammunitions Are Better Options?

Even before we get in-depth about frangible ammunitions, we need to be familiar with features that make them so distinct. Lead free frangible ammunitions are specially designed ammunitions that break at the time of impact. 483 more words


Lead on Playground Equipment

“There are no known cases of elevated blood lead levels in the city linked to outdoor exposure, like from parks, playgrounds, or dust in the air,” said Caroline Johnson, deputy commissioner of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

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