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Putting people on edge

Years ago, I had an editor named Zack Binkley. He used to tell us that he wanted to be that guy who had people on edge when he walked into a room because of the work the newsroom was doing. 330 more words


Lead paint, lead pencil, lead bullet

Do you remember the ordeal in Flint, Michigan? The city decided to change its water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River to save money. 627 more words

Early bird gets the lead poisoning: How pigeons are sentinels for our health

By Kathryn Cawdrey

AUSTIN, Texas —That common grey bird eating out of the neighborhood garbage can may be an indicator of your own health.

A researcher at University of California Davis has discovered that pigeons living in New York City get lead-poisoned much as kids do. 519 more words

AAAS Conference

Lead: A ghost of the past, still haunting us today

KNOW THIS: Lead is still a health risk, especially for women and children

WHY? It’s found in most houses built pre-1970, as well as old toys… 842 more words


CN April 26 2017

If you live in Chicago, in a building that was built before 1986, it’s almost certain that you’re connected into the city water system with a lead “service pipe”. 312 more words

Chicago Newsroom Past Shows

Flint is Still Dealing with the Impact of Poisoned Water

The state of Michigan has just ended the free bottled water program for residents in Flint, Michigan although the process of replacing old lead pipes for thousands of residents continues. 191 more words

Public Health

Science Policy Around the Web - April 13, 2018

By: Maryam Zaringhalam, Ph.D.

Public Health

Flint school children to be screened for effects of lead after agreement

April 25th will mark four years since Flint, Michigan had clean drinking water. 758 more words