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Setting the Goal of Goal Setting

I’m not much of a video game buff. I find them, largely, uninteresting. There are a couple, two to be precise, that I have to be careful with though. 606 more words


Johns Hopkins study concludes there is no gay gene

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University recently released a study stating there was no conclusive evidence of a gene that causes a person to be gay, lesbian or transgender. 631 more words


Leaders Don't Spread Fear

As I was researching this topic, I found a ton of mixed reviews. Some felt that fear is the only way to lead (Machiavelli); some felt that fear is unhealthy in all cases; and others felt that fear can be healthy as long as it’s managed and addressed as it appears. 533 more words


Complete Leadership

Many young leaders, particularly in larger organizations, overcame significant competition to earn their leadership positions. In fact, very often one of the key strengths of new leaders is their competitive nature. 400 more words



Knots in my chest.

No rhythm in heartbeats.

Seems like I am losing something.

Lost my words.

Losing my faith.

World seems to have faded. 19 more words

Deep Talks

September 2016 Edition

DarcWorx Official September 2017 Cover designed by Douglas S. Taylor. For the main story of, “Boy In The Box” click here. This story is based upon Actual Events of my Childhood. 986 more words

Douglas S. Taylor

Freedom to Create...

As men and women, we have this freedom to create our own reality on earth… We do not have any restrictions, we do not have any constraints… However for some reason, somewhere in history we started to believe that we were limited in our God given power to create what we want… Since then we became highly skilled in being simply human and totally forgot how divine we are meant to be… 224 more words