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Choose your inner circle wisely.

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Who you choose and allow into your inner circle will determine who effective your leadership is. These people will either multiple or minimize your effectiveness.

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Lead law: City's jurisdiction increases over dangerous lead-based paint, asbestos in residential demolitions

Before, neighbors had no way of knowing if a nearby demolition was releasing toxins

If an old house in your neighborhood was recently demolished, there might have been no way for you to tell whether asbestos was flying around. 18 more words

Portland Tribune

Healing the brokenhearted

According to an article in the Daily Mail, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have concluded that three traumatic events have the potential to cause heart disease in postmenopausal women. 559 more words


ROBIN SHARMA'S "The Leader Who Had No Title" (Book Review Ninang?)

ROBIN SHARMA’S “The Leader Who Had No Title”
What I learned and will probably remember for a long time
(Book review Ninang? “Hmm.. more of book report.”) 1,446 more words


Why Disney Should Take The Lead On Self-Driving Cars

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I feel fairly confident that autonomous vehicles are coming eventually, and that the roadblocks critics cite are surmountable. But rather than showing up overnight as fully functioning options at the car dealership, autonomous vehicles will show up gradually as incremental growth of autonomy and flexibility. 934 more words

Money Matters

AD&D Stone Giant

Bit of a break from my usual 40k and GW ramblings with another nice blast from the past.

The wife graciously allowed me to unpack some more of my “trash” and nestled in amongst some LOTR plastics was this old guy. 85 more words