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On a Crusade

Systems and processes are essential to keep the crusade going, but they should not replace the crusade. ~ Simon Sinek

Lead On: How To Be A Better Leader.

Can Philadelphia Home Automation Lead To Better Real Estate Value?

With the so-called smart home in Philadelphia and elsewhere, a curious matter is raised about its impact on real estate market values. According to seasoned realtor, Zachary Vichinsky, home automation systems, which will allow homeowners to control lighting and shading, HVAC, music and video, and other functions, will definitely increase any home’s market appeal and price. 108 more words

Leadership Reflection

It is suggested that there are five dimensions of leadership identified by Thomas Sergiovanni. To be an effective leader in a school these need to be evident. 150 more words

The Right People

As human beings, there is one fundamental need that must function at a level that allow us to achieve our true potential. It is our ‘relationships’, that impact who we are. 451 more words