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Feedback Guts, Part 1

A couple of posts ago (here), I told you I would share the results of the survey.

Well, they are in.

And the director who sent out the survey said this to me in the message in which she attached the results, “Very positive overall!” (I loved how she labeled the survey, “President’s Performance Feedback.”) 459 more words


Clear-That Fear (299)

To lead-

And cross out a panic/anxiety feed.



Signs of Spring on Main Street

Original Ore Tram Car From Sutton Mill at Bear Creeks Falls Circa 1926

Across Bear Creek Falls are the remains of Sutton Mill. It was built by Jim and Bill Slick in 1926 and had a 100-ton capacity. 92 more words

Local Lore

"Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence." -The Secret

Several weeks ago, before a sweet house concert (with the fabulous!! band, “My Gay Banjo”) just a block away, I spent a few minutes at the “Gateless Garden” exhibit at the UNE Art Museum, a really interesting pairing of beautiful letterpressed quotes from famous Maine Women Writers and gorgeous and black and white photographs. 331 more words

Being Ourselves


 Ahora Internet se ha vuelto un medio importante para los anuncios de productos y de servicios. Poco más o menos cada compañía que puede permitirse el boato de publicar en los medios, … 468 more words


7 Life Events that can lead to divorce, and how to protect your relationship

Late last month, Boston Marathon bombing survivor Rebekah Gregory made headlines with the sad news that she was separating from her husband—who was also injured in the blast—less than one year after their dream wedding. 135 more words

Der Lead-Sänger

Jeder Lead-Sänger ist auch ein Lied-Sänger, jedoch ist er außergewöhnlich im Vordergrund und daher für gewöhnlich sehr wohl drauf bedacht, dass er auch zuerst genannt wird, denn das ist er seiner um sein Ego kreisenden Stellung als Rampen-Sau schließlich schuldig. 61 more words

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