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Work it

I love moments of sarcasm in the Bible. One of the best is when Elijah is on top of Mount Carmel with the prophets of Baal for the purpose of calling down rain. 466 more words


The other side of the grind.

Seeing other people succeed will always push you to work harder and make your vision clearer. It’s that recognition that we as humans all want to feel. 136 more words


Get to know your players

Imagine you are coaching a game and your team is losing 2-0 after two giveaways by your centre back. He is normally one of the best players on the team and this performance is very uncharacteristic. 629 more words


Two Idiots (Epigram)

Sir, if I may be so bold
Your thoughts are old
Much older than our ancient country
On the verge of collapse now under a cashless economy! 89 more words


My Grandfather: the Statesman

My grandfather with İsmet İnönü

Above is a photo of my grandfather, Ferda Güley, the handsome fella in the light suit, together with İsmet İnönü, Atatürk’s successor as 2nd President of the Turkish Republic. 875 more words


Cult of Personality

The cult of the leader, of single isolated points of power and control and is an inevitable consequence and inversion of a fundamental social and psychological misunderstanding concerning the nature of self-hood.  118 more words


A Leader's Heart ...

When you are physically exhausted …

And mentally tired …

When emotionally you are drained …

And your mind turns against you …