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Buah Transformasi "Good Leader"

Semua orang bertanya kepada saya, apakah saya yakin ide sinergi akan berjalan. Saya katakan kepada mereka bahwa jika saya tidak yakin, maka anda akan lebih tidak yakin.

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Build a Culture of Innovation

“Creativity is putting your imagination to work.”

Those are the words of Sir Ken Robinson, the speaker and author who delivered the most popular TED Talk of all time: How Schools Kill Creativity. 88 more words


The Chronicles of Being "A Mother"

To be honest, I haven’t been a biological mother for any kids in this world. But as a leader, even in a small team like I have now, it also means being “a mother”. 370 more words

Just A Thought

Alisa - 90 days - It's a Marathon


I adore you!  I see so much of myself in you, but the main thing I see is that you run full speed ahead and sprint your way from thought to thought, feeling to feeling, even hope to hope.  593 more words

Religion and the Curriculum

I have just discovered this article of mine was picked up by the Curriculum and Leadership Journal as a leader in 2005! Some of the details, therefore, maybe a little out of date, but the thrust of the article still stands. 997 more words


That Type of Leader

I’m not here to

Do what I do

No questionable lies

Footstep feeling

One at a time taker

No drag to rotted

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The Hard Yards

Any high-achieving individual will tell you from experience that one of the surest ways of creating a competitive advantage and rising above the rest is working harder than your peers. 101 more words

Competitive Advantage