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Speak like a leader

I used to wonder in English class, why am I learning about rhetoric devices? Why am I even tested on rhetoric or have to analyze it?  197 more words


What two words = the greatest career moments.

“One of the greatest moments of my entire career was hearing thank you for a job well done.” This comment came from a leader who received praise for a specific document and was recognized openly. 605 more words

6 Greatest Revolutionary Leaders

6. George Washington

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Also known as the founding father of the United States of America, George Washington was a great revolutionary leader who proved that he deserves the title. 19 more words

Words Do Count

By: Diana Abraham

In 2005, Donald Trump was caught on tape saying, “when you’re a star,” it does not matter what you say or do to women. 426 more words


The Greed to Rule

In light of the current American elections and global political scenario, this is what comes to my mind. 

Ever since man was created, ever since society was formed, we have been ruled. 528 more words

God called David a man after His own heart not only because he seemed to praise HIM more than any man but because according to the records of Kings, he subscribed to the leading of the LORD while he was learning what God has for him and to His rulership when he eventually became the ruler of Israel. 147 more words