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Teaching on the Dance Floor

Word on the Street is…

The topic of “Teaching on the Dance Floor” has come up many times by my female students.  It seems some male dancers want to help the beginning female dancers.  1,119 more words


Hung Like a Horseshoe

They strengthened their backs and they put on their sacks;

To discover new dreams, and leave behind their old schemes.

She followed them into the wilderness one step at a time; 386 more words


Every single second, listen to Principle

When the people of Israel camped outside Moab, the local leader became alarmed. Balak, the King of Moab didn’t welcome the Israelites, or even bother to go out and say, “Hi, so, ya, uh, where did you come from and what are you all up to?” 359 more words


Followers Voices

“The difference between followers and leaders is that followers need leaders to help them follow what leaders themselves are following. This relationship takes the form of a shared response-ability to a shared calling. 705 more words

The Leader's Companion Reflections

Derek Sivers: How To Start A Movement


In this clip Derek Sivers explains how to start a movement.

Ask yourself the question ‘What prompted the person who recorded this video on their phone to start recording one shirtless guy dancing and not the stage at the festival?’ 303 more words


fall from grace

There’s been an uproar in the “radical unschooling” world this week. I’m sure there are plenty of people who are unaware of unschooling, let alone radical unschooling, but the woman at the center of the storm is a pretty big deal among certain circles. 1,565 more words

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