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BREAKING NEWS: School xxx in flames! Anyone following these stories must have had it by now. It has gotten to a point where it is disturbing and annoying to even think about. 693 more words


The Values Crisis Shaking the Republican Party

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The Democratic National Convention has been a star-studded affair, particularly in contrast to its Republican counterpart a week ago. Last night’s speech by Bill Clinton and video appearance by 91-year-old Jimmy Carter, and tonight’s appearance by Barack Obama remind us that every living Democratic President supports Hillary Clinton. 1,108 more words


Right Back Atcha!

Have you ever heard that old saying that every time you point a finger at someone else you have three pointing back at yourself? Given the tone I hear many leaders taking of late, it seems we could all use a reminder of this basic premise. 360 more words


Quote of the Day | 07.27.16

Our role as coaches is not just to build up the scoreboard but also to build up our players so that they become character-filled leaders who will have an impact on those around them.

  • Mike Matheny

5 TED Talks Everyone Should Have Already Watched

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#1 The Secret Of Becoming Mentally Strong (Speaker: Amy Morin)

“Good habits aren’t enough. It only takes one or two small habits to really hold you back.” 992 more words

Money Matters


She spent three and a half hours watching a film instead of studying for the forthcoming exam said a mother one evening. The father had scolded the girl for wasting good investment they had in her. 725 more words