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Jon Stewart, Superboss

Great read from the Harvard Business Review on how Jon Stewart created a “Comedy Tree” and grew talent at the Daily Show:

Jon Stewart, Superboss



“Good leaders abhor wrongdoing of all kinds;sound leadership has a moral foundation.” Proverbs 16:12 (The Message)

As important as integrity is to your business success, it’s even more critical if you want to become an influencer. 168 more words


Facilitating Achievement through Setting Goals -- Together

Good leaders set good goals: for themselves as well as for their subordinates. But exceptional leaders set good goals with their subordinates, then help them to achieve these goals. 460 more words


Jesus and the Crowd

I hate large crowds.

Yup, I know that is pretty ironic since I am a pastor. I actually do not mind being up front speaking to a large crowd but I hate being in the middle of a bunch of people. 688 more words

Christian Life

How we define ourselves: The Dodge Stratus problem

The impulse to label ourselves is powerful. Read any bio and you’ll see multiple roles and titles people have placed upon themselves or have been placed upon them. 260 more words


Announcing My New Book

One leadership principle I have learned over the years is quite simple: leaders are readers! In my new book, It Only Takes a Minute: Daily Inspiration for Leaders on the Move, I take you on a 365 day leadership journey. 79 more words


A Better Tomorrow Begins in our Present

I hear the call of many saying let’s go back and rebirth our past because that is the antidote for our present crisis. That crisis being moral, financial, or a weakening overall of a nation in its global voice. 741 more words