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A Choice Outcome

On my way to work this morning I passed a student transport service that was broken down at a fairly quiet intersection. Young children aged 7 or 8 milled around on the pavement as the driver attended to the vehicle. 926 more words


Leaders make Mistakes

Yes, unfortunately they do … Accept it and ask yourself ‘Have I never made a mistake?’ We all make mistakes; the difference is – can we learn from our mistakes and will we grow because of these mistakes? 92 more words


If you're not selling you're being sold

If you’re not selling you’re being sold to, whether you like it or not.

Your buying a product, a service, a pass time or even a point of view. 7 more words


What can we learn about leadership from a WW II vet?

January 2009.

“It could always be worse. The days, in which I feel sorry for myself, I just go into my top drawer of my desk and pull out this newspaper. 636 more words


Everyday Leadership

Professional development expert and Director of Leadership HQ, Sonia McDonald, shares her reflections from the EA PA Sydney Summit so far…

“It occurred to me today that maybe we are making Leadership bigger than what it is. 347 more words


Would you rather do a risk assessment or pay $340,000...

this is what an employer found out, the hard way unfortunately.

The Story
An employee working in a slaughter house was doing what slaughter employees do when the knife he had in his hand as he was butchering an animal move unexpectedly when hitting a bone and cutting the top of his left thumb and severing his extensor tendon. 259 more words


It's sometimes difficult to escape the reality ...

But some manage to achieve it.

For anyone who moves into a management role in today’s work environment,  it is a  “given”  that he or she be capable of,  and actually display some element of leadership. 430 more words