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Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

One of our favorite TED talks… great starting point for any discussion on inspiring action around a brand.


Clan and Hierarchy Cultures of the CVF

One of the leading organizational tools for understanding culture worldwide is the Competing Values Framework (CVF). (Cameron, 2011, p. 27) This tool assesses the culture that exists within an organization and gives a visual statistical representation of the assessed culture based on four distinct cultural types, or quadrants. 269 more words

Doctoral Projects

Beyond Movement: Taking Action Towards Standards Based Grading

Being an urban charter school principal is hard work.  In my fourth year in the role, I’ve learned that days are unpredictable—sometimes you find yourself fishing clementines out of the boys bathroom toilet, or trying to coax a 10 year old girl back to class while she cries about the possibility of One Direction splitting up, and you wonder, like the Talking Heads, … 1,103 more words

Letter of Resignation

Sorry to start off this way but I have to apologize. I have been neglecting this blog of late. Work and life have reached a frenetic pace, once again, and I can’t even carve out free time to play with my newly acquired MacBook Pro to learn how to produce a podcast. 830 more words


Respect Preserves Dignity

One thing I tried to do as a police officer was to preserve the dignity of people I stopped by respecting them — even when they didn’t deserve it. 789 more words


Books Every Worship Leader Should Read

Bob Kauflin did a talk in 2008 at the Christian Musician Summit where he listed 3 reasons why theology should matter to musicians, and worship leaders in particular. 1,444 more words


Participative Leadership

As a part of the panel on the Leadership Platform on the Un-Radio show on CliffCentral.com we often discuss the deficit in Leadership, this deficit is always defined as and related to a lack of trust within organisations. 503 more words