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Run Your Warehouse Effectively With This Advice

A lack of efficiency in a warehouse environment can be extremely damaging for your business. Making the most of your time and preventing delays will be key to keeping your business as a whole running smoothly, while also keeping your clients and… 471 more words


Seats are Filling Up Fast!

We have only around 30 seats left for the June 1 event at Sweetwater! If you have not registered for this free networking forum featuring… 12 more words


Are You A Vortex Or A Drain?

Let’s face it. As a leader you’re most likely the catalyst in your respective organization.

You get the initiative rolling, the dream envisioned, and the communication flowing. 337 more words


Reacting to the Royal Wedding Sermon

Well, Bishop Curry’s sermon at the Royal Wedding has certainly been provoking some reaction. If a measure of a sermon’s success is its ability to get attention and a response, job done!  1,075 more words


About Words That Change Minds (The Language and Behaviour Profile®)

We naturally believe that people are ‘like us’ and when we don’t get our message across, then we naturally become annoyed.  The LAB Profile® enables better understanding all round. 383 more words


Leadership In a Word: Rest

Rest and be thankful. – William Wordsworth

A word about rest

Rest -it’s a  sometimes elusive concept for many leaders. Intuitively, we know it to be important, but making the time for it is not easy. 497 more words


Cutting to the Quick: The Software Craftsman

Sometimes you can spend years trying to find a book that you can recommend to someone who’s asked you a question. My latest read, The Software Craftsman: Professionalism, Pragmatism… 575 more words