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ON LIBRARIES: To Be a Leader

Yes, we’re back to one of my favorite focuses (advocacy being the other): What does it take to be a leader? Sometimes the list of qualities and abilities seems endless. 922 more words

On Libraries

How to Hack Confidence

One of the things that separates confident from diffident people is their approach to history. Broadly-speaking, the unconfident believe that history is over; the confident trust that it’s still in the process of being made – one day possibly by themselves. 184 more words


Progress – Are you making some?

Sometimes you can recognize progress. Usually, though, it takes much longer to see or experience any type of forward motion. There are many ways to measure progress. 814 more words

Customer Service - Are You All In On Employee Training?

Imagine if you will a hospital that spent more time and money training their C-suite than their direct-care staff of doctors and nurses. Or a large airlines spending most of their training budget on the executive staff and very little on the pilots, flight crew, or mechanics. 573 more words


Here's What You've Been Missing!

My website has moved. The shingle is now up at https://www.dougdickerson.net/

In case you  haven’t seen it, here are a few of the headlines you’ve missed recently: 65 more words


Fall Out

Everything in its season.

There is no question the world’s a little colder place in the fall. While my friends south of the equator are fast heading towards spring, we in the northern climes are snuggled into fall looking towards the Equinox and winter’s arrival some seven weeks’ hence. 413 more words


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