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Teaching Coding to Kids? Perhaps We Also Need to Teach Coding to Adults.

Should schools make software coding an important priority for kids and teenagers? Is coding a technical, vocational skill? Or is it a skill with universal importance, a skill that requires that everyone have a minimum level of competence as a basis for a good education in the 21st century? 594 more words

Personal Coaching

Nine Principles of Human Communication

“Generally, when verbal and non-verbal messages contradict each other, people tend to believe the non-verbal more than the verbal messages”

In my previous blog, I looked at…

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Share the praise

I have the privilege of working with some great people.  Both our technology team and our business team recruit bright and hardworking folks who care about the clients we serve.  612 more words


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This summer I am doing a lot of rereading - going back to old books I've enjoyed, old comics I liked as a kid, and old blog posts that I thought captured some key ideas. Here's another of those blog posts from the first extended series I wrote about the role of the product owner in Agile software development. I hope you find something meaningful and encouraging here. Thanks for following.

Move us into action

A few weeks back the Bishop of Burnley went to the New Wine Conference and challenged the hearers on their attitude to the poor.  There was a bit of media reaction and a bit more social media reaction.  757 more words


Employer’s duty to provide information to employees about pensions.

“where an employee has an important decision to make which has material financial implications the safest course of action for an employer is to provide the individual with all of the information that they need in order to make an informed decision and to make sure that the individual is aware of the existence of that information” – … 1,373 more words


Are You a High-Capacity or High-Activity Leader?

I sat with friends of mine, both of whom are highly capable leaders in an international non-profit organization. Over the course of our conversation, they described their weariness and exhaustion as it relates to the demands of their current assignment. 1,236 more words


Don't Cook Your Culture Frog

You may be familiar with the analogy story of placing a frog in boiling water. But if not, here’s the anecdote, as referenced from Wikipedia: 487 more words