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HELP! How we can save the Southern Baptist Convention for another generation

I am deeply grieved by what I am reading online about the crisis at my alma mater, Southwestern Seminary.  It is devastating to me learning of the women who have been hurt through this crisis. 801 more words


Knowing When

as in: Knowing when to say what you’re thinking, and when not to.

I called 6 times before an actually person picked up. The message I received the first five times indicated I had called outside of business hours. 255 more words


Lessons learned from the fall of an evangelist

An alert hit my iPhone the other night and my heart dropped. A prominent evangelist had been arrested for a horrific crime against a young child. 586 more words


Diversity & Inclusion

  • People who focus on career vs career advancement? Why does it seem like women focus on career but not advancement?
  • Are women normally responsible but not assertive enough?
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What are your core beliefs and can you defend them?

Few questions are more important than what is at the core of our beliefs. What do we believe about life, our origin, and our future. If you live in a deliberate manner with your life, people will begin to ask what drives you. 1,762 more words