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Servant Leadership

If it were always easy to be a leader, I suppose everyone would be a leader.

I was volunteering for Field Day at South Euless Elementary School… 332 more words


Understanding People Related Barriers to Change: the key to success

Writing a workshop related to change this week brings to the front of my mind how challenging implementing with a team often even the simplest of changes can be and that the barriers to change can be complex and hidden. 569 more words


Developing tomorrows women leaders

Are we creating great leaders or are we holding people back from leading because we see sex as changing the skills a leader needs?

I recently scrolled through the tops posts in two groups I belong to on LinkedIn. 306 more words


Did this happen to you too?

One of my mentors had a great quote, he said “if money is the root of all evil, what is the root of money?”

That really hit me square in the chest. 1,185 more words


Connecting with others: an important aspect of leadership

ThereĀ are a lot of articles around at the moment about promoting staff engagement, accountability and passion (see some of my recent tweets for some good articles). 165 more words


When Pigs Fly ... It could happen.

Hmmmm … Was it years ago or simply just a few weeks ago?

That’s when I heard my “dear friend” say, “Yeah, yeah … You’ll become a published author and be interviewed on the radio — When pigs fly!” 172 more words