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Derogation and Duplication in Delegation – What Clients Need to Know!

Many firms still haven’t cracked the challenges of delegating work properly. Here is a summary of the issues:

  1. Frankly most of us know that it often feels easier to do the work ourselves than to have to explain it to somebody else, who probably won’t get it right.
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Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap

After what seems (actually, what is) a very long time, Challenging the Safety Quo is finally published this week through Routledge. Note that this is mainly due to the couple of years it took me to get it from ‘I mostly know what I want to say’ to ‘something vaguely readable’. 303 more words

BVSC’s new social enterprise helps communities by supporting the business sector

By Brian Carr, Chief Executive Officer, Birmingham Voluntary Service Council

In an environment where social pressures are growing and resources are scarce, Birmingham’s Voluntary Service Council… 334 more words


Messing Around for 11 Years

Happy Anniversary to me. Well, this blog. Today marks 11 years blogging on Turning Adversity to Advantage as well as Leadership and Management. My friend Hugh similar straddles Leadership and Failure (and many other topics) and his piece above (which coincidentally he shared on my anniversary last year). 488 more words

Turning Adversity To Advantage

Schools: how did ‘accountability’ become a synonym for punishment and control? And can we change its meaning?

Melanie Ehren. 

Educational accountability, as defined in scholarly work, simply means the extent to which schools or other institutions are held accountable for their behaviour and performance by others. 837 more words

Leadership And Management

Why be an Education Director?

A question in the mindset of Mrs Merton.

What first attracted you to the role of Education Director (part time) in Nottingham, after all the City now “runs” very few schools? 1,070 more words


Austerity and change: steering through choppy waters

By Brian Carr – Chief Executive of Birmingham Voluntary Service Council

That the funding environment for the local community and voluntary sector has changed dramatically over the past few years will be lost on virtually no-one who’s involved in working or volunteering in the field. 1,405 more words