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Secrets of the Superbosses: let them go

There are all sorts of great ideas contained in Sydney Finkelsteins’ Harvard Business Review article Secrets of the Superbosses, things like hiring unconventionally; seeking out people who are smart, creative, and flexible; focusing on “unlikely winners”; and adapting the work to fit the talent. 394 more words

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Basic Business Model

I am creating an infographic about the core of business and this is what I came up with so far.

Business is what transpires between at least two individuals; at the center of their transaction is value. 350 more words

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Ask, and it will be given to you: ASK for an Enterprise

If the idea or thought can be clearly monetized or be profitable, then a business venture or enterprise may soon be born.

This is part three of the series, ASK for an Enterprise.

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Knock, and the door shall be opened: ASK for an Enterprise

Not everyone is aware, but there seems to be a door to bountiful ideas, thoughts and opportunities.

How do enterprises come into being? As one walks through a community and seeing a number of stores ranging from micro-scale businesses like the sari-sari stores to international giant enterprises like fast-food or shopping malls in commercial centers, one may wonder how did all these ventures begin?

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So you’ve had a successful First 100 Days. Why stop there?

In our experience, there are typically two key moments of judgement for a newly appointed leader. These are 1) the end of the First 100 Days… 574 more words


Onboard Like Family

Yesterday, a buddy told me that onboarding is about joining a new family.

She mentioned this in a side conversation in a class I was facilitating. 312 more words