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Incorporate Digital Solutions Into Plans And Practices

Businesses today need a digital imprint. Success is all about integrating different forms of technologies and media. Your business should have a strong web presence or you could go out of business in a matter of days. 630 more words


Before going down with the ship, make sure you're the captain

It was 2005, but I remember it clearly. I was working for a company that was quickly making its way up the Fortune 500, and its desire to extend the business internationally was causing us to stretch in new, uncomfortable ways. 1,407 more words

Leadership And Management

Great Bosses Don't Tell People What to Do - They Coach!

There’s a simple process for doing great coaching. It’s called the GROW model. GROW is an acronym standing for Goal – Current Reality – Options – Wrap Up… 538 more words

Leadership And Management

How To Plan And Manage A Flexible Workforce

The workforce serves as the backbone of any company. As an entrepreneur or a CEO, your business largely depends on it. Yes, do realise that this can make or break your business.   628 more words


How to Find Passion in Your Work

Ask yourself: How much do you love doing what you do? For most of us there’ll be some bits we really don’t enjoy (admin in my case!), but ideally there’ll be many aspects of our role that make our heart zing! 439 more words

Leadership And Management

Summit to think about: what will Chinese visitors learn from our emerging apprenticeship system? And what can they teach us?

Martin Doel

In December, Education Secretary Justine Greening led a small delegation to the latest UK China Education Summit in Shanghai, part of the wider UK China ‘ 824 more words

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Develop Organisation Policy – The Master Plan

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to developing organisation policy. The design and purpose vary depending on company philosophy and organisation type. More so, there are no rules on the number of procedures or policies that can be applied in an organisation. 635 more words