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How do you put your emotions at work and empower your life?

Emotional Intelligence or also referred to as EI or EQ which stands for Emotional Quotient can greatly impact people’s lives – depending on how you use it. 642 more words


Stupefied: How the best and the brightest learn to switch off their brains at the office door

Posted: 11:57 am ET
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André Spicer is professor of organisational behaviour at the Cass Business School at City, University of London, where he specialises in political dynamics, organisational culture and employee identity. 253 more words

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We Can Give Feedback, But Do We Know How to Receive it?

What’s it like for you in any of these situations:

  • A close relative or friend gives you some critical comments on what you’re wearing
  • Your in-laws give you parenting tips as your toddler has another bout of tantrums in a public place…
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Isn’t time we focused on what matters - schools in which staff, students and families feel they belong?

Kathryn Riley.  

I amble across the tranquil shores of Studland Bay, Dorset on an unexpectedly hot day. My Labrador Finnegan is in fine fettle. Not being a sun worshiper, I’m dressed in a baggy pair of cotton trousers, long sleeve tee-shirt and – as I’ve forgotten my hat – a scarf, a headscarf. 967 more words

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Could Law Firms Learn from a Football Club?

Sounds like a bizarre question. But the answer is yes and firms could learn lots from the Civil Service and GB’s track cycling squad and so many other sectors. 208 more words

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The State Dept's Sexual Assault Reporting Procedure Appears to Be a Black Hole of Grief

Posted: 2:02 am ET
Updated: Sept 24, 4:08 pm PST | This piece was edited to use the more neutral word “report” instead of “allegation.” The… 2,861 more words

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