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Uncommon Leadership

I’ve had the opportunity to spend several days recently with a person recently promoted to a leadership position. He was very good at what he did and earned his promotion. 575 more words


Middle Leadership

Everyone is familiar with the term “middle management” but the term “middle leadership” is rarely heard.

But the vast majority of leadership actions come not from the top but from the middle of an organization. 325 more words


Leadership Integrity

Authentic Servant Leaders know that if they don’t have integrity all the time then they don’t have integrity at all.

Without integrity you will find it very difficult, I would say virtually impossible, to truly lead. 350 more words


What Great Leaders Know

There are so many differences between a person who manages and a person who leads that I could write on that single topic almost exclusively. Great leaders know those differences well. 717 more words


Leading by Example

Somewhere around 15 years ago I met a person who ran a small business who was really into what at the time was cutting edge technology. 529 more words


Thinking about leadership - what values are key for a good leader?

Last week, I attended the Mindful Leadership Summit which was an interesting few days of talks and workshops about what it means to be a leader today. 211 more words


Proactive Leadership

The Minnesota Timberwolves, the NBA franchise in Minnesota has had numerous head coaches through the years. I think (I hope) all of them had the goal of leading their team to an NBA Championship. 513 more words