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The Most Important Characteristic of Leadership

I have long held that the most vital characteristic of leadership is integrity. Other’s including some who I greatly respect would say the most important characteristic of leadership is good judgment. 540 more words


Are you a Role Model?

Well, are you? The short answer, especially if you’re a leader or even just someone in a leadership position, is yes.

Your people watch you. No one is born with the knowledge of what it takes to succeed so they must learn it. 403 more words


Why Leaders Need Vision

Leaders don’t need 20 20 eyesight to have good vision. What they need is an imagination, an idea of what is possible, and a picture of what the future may hold. 442 more words


First Person Leadership

If you can’t lead yourself you can’t lead anyone.

Too many people in leadership positions focus all their leadership energies on leading other people. They forget about leading the person most responsible for their success… themselves. 586 more words


Everyday Leadership

One of my favorite TED talks is by Drew Dudley. In a short six minutes, Drew helps us see that leadership is something you do. It isn’t a title or the corner office, leadership is in the actions you take and the impact you have. 38 more words

Leadership Lessons

Leading from a High Horse

I had a nice long “catch-up” conversation with a friend I’ve known a long long time. Since High School actually so it’s kind of a shockingly long time. 742 more words


3 Leadership Lessons from Meeting Stephen R. Covey

Dr. Stephen R. Covey died in 2012. His legacy encompasses millions who have read his works (7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleFirst Things First… 424 more words

Leadership Lessons