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Good Decisions

The right decision made at the wrong time is a bad decision. The right time to make a decision is when you have as many facts as you can get to make it. 469 more words


Top Ten Skills for Museum Leaders

Recently LinkedIn, Fast Company, and a host of others have written about skills aspiring CEOs need to get hired. It occurred to us that this is something the for-profit world does all the time, but the museum world? 511 more words


Leadership Can be Kind, Says Studies

Business consultants are now analyzing a fundamental belief regarding leadership. For the most part in the 20th century, leadership was synonymous to a mild form of cut-throat attitude: Its agenda was always financial while individual welfare became secondary. 253 more words

Museums and Women: Work Isn't You

Last week Pat Summit died. You may not be a basketball fan or more specifically a women’s basketball fan, but if you’re interested in leadership, you could do worse than Google “Pat Summitt Quotes.” If her name means nothing to you, she was the University of Tennessee’s women’s basketball coach for four decades. 599 more words


Shadow Leadership

Shadow Leaders are leaders in name only. They may have an impressive sounding title or hold a lofty position on an organizational chart but they exhibit few if any leadership characteristics. 481 more words


DOA Leadership

There are many character flaws that can make an otherwise strong leader weak. There is one flaw however which will absolutely kill the opportunity to lead; it makes a person’s leadership potential Dead on Arrival upon being promoted to a leadership position. 327 more words


When Silence is Golden...and When It's Not

One of the greatest freedoms in the United States is the freedom of speech. Or is it?

In this age of political correctness Americans are still free to say whatever we want. 559 more words