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Wrong Turn

The arhetypal Westerner is aghast at seeing utter chaos on India’s roads. I know because I have seen far too many of them curl up in fetal position at the sight of a three-wheeled auto-rickshaw on the “wrong” side of the road. 197 more words

Change Enablement

Attitude and behavior

Tar has shown interest in a people lead role. He has earned the respect of his peers, juniors and seniors for deep scientific expertise. His is a many-feathered cap. 517 more words

Start with the basics

Most of us didn’t go into higher education or leadership to manage budgets (apologies to my accounting and budget colleagues). Or in today’s environment, to cut budgets. 307 more words

Higher Education

How good are you in leading yourself? Take the test!

Self-leadership: From leading others to leading yourself
Hi, I thought this time I would focus on leading you!  This time I have put together a short self assessment for you to undertake.   951 more words
Christian Leadership

Why leaders with financial savvy have an edge.

My company is facing headwinds, Resources are scarcer than they used to be. And there is more competition for scarce resources. In this situation, how do executives make objective investment decisions in regions and technologies, without the climate turning political? 150 more words

Leadership & Strategy

How to improve the quality of conversations with colleagues

What if there were one tip to improve the quality of conversations with your colleagues? The geeky developer. The brash marketer. The impatient salesman or saleswoman.  756 more words

Leadership & Strategy

Leadership Assessments? Boon or bane?

A leader per se is a title of authority.

The leader of a country or an organization is represented by the person of the highest executive authority in the respective setting. 1,004 more words