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Victual Particulars

One of my favorite stories comes from Miller’s Photographic History, but I never knew its source.

…until recently. In The Grayjackets: and How They Lived, Fought and Died for Dixie (Richmond, 1867), by “a Confederate” I have found the yarn. 253 more words


Visiting the Stuart Monument at Yellow Tavern

Today, 152 years ago, Confederate cavalry commander Maj. Gen. James Ewell Brown “JEB” Stuart was mortally wounded at the Battle of Yellow Tavern. Stuart died the following day in Richmond. 146 more words

Battlefields & Historic Places

Written Words: "The General Died"

The casket was closed. Upstairs, Dr. McGuire and some of the other officers slept – or pretended to slumber. The candle flickered. He paced across the room and back, his boots echoing hollowly. 1,618 more words


Returning Yell for Yell: The Rebel Yell's Antebellum Origins

Today, we are pleased to welcome guest author Matthew Guillen.

The Rebel Yell was much romanticized during and after the war. Despite the popular belief in the Yell’s death with the death of the Confederacy, it also enjoyed wide currency after the war, as discussed in Craig A. 1,948 more words


Slinging Insults in the Confederate State House

Things got testy in the U. S. Congress in the years before the war. Most of us know about  Preston Brooks caning Charles Sumner in the Senate chamber. 278 more words


Chambersburg Seminar Review

This past weekend I spoke at the Ed Bearss Civil War Seminar in Chambersburg. This is part of a series of events coordinated by Ted Alexander and the Chambersburg (Pa)  Chamber of Commerce. 222 more words


When General Lee Cried

One of the excitements of writing history comes when one finds a story that’s fresh, new, or hasn’t yet made its way into the accepted secondary literature. 831 more words

Emerging Civil War