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My First Two Months at CMU

August 20th, 2016 – This was a crazy day. I had so many different emotions on my way to campus bright and early that Saturday morning. 656 more words

Risk Taking

Solution Saturday: Witness to Sniping and B*tching

Dear Dan,

I work in a place where I witness sniping and b*tching all the time about how the boss is hidden away, or has no leadership skills, or how others aren’t doing their job properly. 463 more words

Leadership Development

You find your passion, by doing what you love. The active words are “love” and “doing” Therefore there is a need for a certain level of openness and creativity to find the passion … it doesnt work the other way around. 325 more words

What does the @Escthemachine Symbol Represents?

The @escthemachine symbol, created by a media professor (Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida) back in early 2011, in its core represents human autonomy, control, and hope. The symbol was created as a response to the invasive nature of technology in our daily lives since the mass adoption of the smartphone.  320 more words


Improving Communities - Start With Your Smallest Community

I had the opportunity recently to speak with a large health system in Northern Indiana.  They wanted me to speak about “Improving Communities” and left room for me to speak about whatever I felt might be important within that topic.   588 more words

Leadership Development

Your Value: Beautiful Rose


Remember that you are simply beautiful. Be careful to watch the types of influences that are in your life. Please watch this video and leave your comments below.

From Stagnancy to Responsibility

Once, after reflecting on my sphere of influence, I realized how important it is to check my friendships to see if they are productive or draining. 810 more words