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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Professional race car drivers have their eyes well down the track in anticipation and readiness.  So do the very best equestrians who immediately upon completing one jump will be looking at the next jump even though it’s not where their horse is currently headed.    225 more words

Providing the best workforce - Humantelligence

Any organization, be it a business or an NPO, is just a building structure with machines and no product. What brings life into an organization is the manpower. 569 more words

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One Leader's Surprising Experience with One-on-Ones

One of my coaching clients is developing his skill at holding one-on-ones with his management team. He’s learning you don’t have to choose between strong relationships and great results.  305 more words

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Here we are, already at part 5 of 7 in our blog mini-series on emotional intelligence.

Welcome back! Have you been working on your emotional intelligence? 297 more words

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  • The population of Israel is currently 8,412,000.
  • Tel Aviv (metropolitan area) is the most populated city in Israel with 3.7 million inhabitants.
  • The official language of Israel is Hebrew with Arabic being the official language of the Arab minority.
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Where It All Began... Summer Camp!


I don’t believe in coincidences one bit. That is why I believe that God divinely orchestrated all of this on my life journey, to ignite new passions within me. 676 more words

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Shalom Friends!

Let’s Learn Some Hebrew!

(Some useful terms I learned while in Israel)
  • Hello/How are you?                       Shalom/ Ma Nishma?
  • Good                                                  Tov
  • Do you speak English?                  At(a) medaber(et) anglit?
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