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Making History: 2015 Spark Leadership Series

What has been referred to as Alpha Leadership, has been revamped into a brand new leadership education and development program called the Spark Leadership Series… 294 more words


The Apprentice Rule

I was reminded about this recently from a number of different sources ~ who is my apprentice? Who am I investing my life in to, pouring my life in, spending time with so that they can learn from me. 203 more words


Why Hire an Executive Coach

Companies used to engage executive coaches to help fix toxic behavior demonstrated by their top leaders. Today, most coaching is instead deployed in order to develop the capabilities of high-potential performers, including directors and senior managers. 642 more words



I participated in a readiness consultation Friday before last, which in a sentence is a meeting with my clinical supervisor and a small circle who’ve read more than a hundred pages about me and my ministry for the purpose giving me feedback on my ministry as a pastoral educator, particularly as I start supervisory education. 745 more words


Optimistic Discontent

Hope is optimistic discontent. Every act of leadership is an act of optimism.

Pessimists can’t lead.

Any form of contentment that induces slumber degrades you. Be content with your present and discontent with your future. 

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Leadership Development

What Leadership Means to Me: Q&A with Brittany Murtaugh


Hello! My name is Brittany. I am a graduate student at the University of Rhode Island studying College Student Personnel. I am also the Graduate Assistant in the Office of Student Involvement at URI. 1,128 more words


How Organizations Rob Us Of Our Personal Power

Employee Engagement is Lacking

The lack of Employee Engagement is the number one issue in Deloitte’s 2015 Human Capital Trends Report. People Engagement just edges out the dearth of leadership at number two.  1,595 more words

Holistic Leadership