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The Five Components of Negative Leadership

Paychecks buy compliance, but no one is energized by negative leadership.

Uncertainty and insecurity give birth to some of the most negative aspects of leadership. You end up with toxicity when you stir in pessimism, ungratefulness, and scarcity. 284 more words

Leadership Development

Self-Reflection: A Key to Quality Employee Retention

Self-Reflection: A Key to Quality Employee Retention by Dr. Toby A. Travis

Who am I? What kind of a school leader or employer am I? What do I do or offer in my leadership style and people management that other leaders do not? 268 more words

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TrustED® - Video Introduction

Professional Development for School Leaders at Every Level.

Click HERE for more information.

Leadership Development

Solution Saturday: Retirement Age Employees Are Coasting

Hello Mr. Rockwell,

I’m trying to find the best way to ask this. How can I help my retirement age members retire or do more than coast. 656 more words

Leadership Development

Acting with Collaborative Intelligence: Your 10 Step Guide

Collaboration is a result of people working together to reach a mutual answer to a challenge or opportunity. As our world becomes more integrated and boundaries become more blurred the need and desire to collaborate is heightened. 1,028 more words

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Ryan Represents for AO among Best AIL MGAs!

Ryan Stenglein was a Top 10 Master General Agent in all of AIL for the week, racking up the most 1st 6 Months Net ALP for an AO MGA! 7 more words

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Trio of AO General Agents in the AIL Top 20!

Andrew Hynan and Jacqueline Kabluyen were both Top 10 in all of AIL for the week among General Agents and part of three GAs in the Top 20! 22 more words

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