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If your friends don't push you, they limit you.

I believe that to reach our full potential and allow others to reach theirs, we need to be able to raise our standards and rise to challenges faster than ever before. 36 more words


The Hay Group Singapore: Different and yet the same

Human beings love to classify; to break people and things into groups. It helps us to make sense of the world. But sometimes, it can make us think we’re more different than we actually are. 460 more words

The Hay Group Singapore

10 Performance Conversation Starters

You’re a hero when you get hired and a loser during traditional performance reviews.

It’s a waste to hire for strength and evaluate for weakness.

299 more words
Leadership Development

What Makes a Great Leader?

Over the years, I’ve become fairly perceptive at recognizing qualities that make a poor leader. It’s probably because I’ve placed one too many people in leadership positions and realized they are doing more harm than good. 492 more words

Seven Great Leaders Throughout History

When people talk about great American leaders in our nation’s history, they often speak of war heroes, politicians, civil rights activists, or religious leadership. Undoubtedly, these are great Americans, but we cannot forget about the entrepreneurs who have changed the world with their ideas and actions. 345 more words


What is Team Building and How Can DiSC Assessments Help?

What is team building and why should you care? After all, you and your company may be poised for success.

You and your colleagues may be on the brink of a breakthrough that could refine “best practices” in your industry. 15 more words

Team Building

Leadership Safari 2016

For you to understand my legacy on Leadership Safari, you would need to know my story of why Central Michigan University left a legacy on me. 648 more words

Life Changing