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8 reasons why companies fail at growth

A company is established with every intention of having growth and success. However, not all companies grow to be a success. Some companies do not witness the desired growth, some do not see a sustainable growth while some fail entirely. 820 more words

Leadership Development


Leadership in Social Media

I’ve always been told that social media is a double edge sword. It can be great to promote and connect, but it also hinders social skills and advocates fraud. 986 more words

Leadership Development

NHPCO's 30th Management and Leadership Conference

Next week I will have the privilege of speaking at the MLC. My topic is “Continual Leadership Development for Seasoned Executives: Keeping Your Leadership Fresh by Building a Learning Mindset.” 185 more words

See the Light In Others

Too often people are quick to judge someone because of the way they look, where they come from, or what their beliefs are. I want to explain that this is not something necessary today. 198 more words

Critical Thinking

Leading from a Focused Life

Dr. RJ (Bobby) Clinton in his masterful work titled, “Strategic Concepts that Clarify a Focused Life,” states the following principles that have proven to be a guiding light for me over the years. 550 more words

Leadership Development

Take a Moment to Enjoy the Completion of a Task

Verse:The God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.” Genesis 1:31


As God finished His work of creation He pronounced everything is very good. 186 more words

Redeeming Leadership

Frances Perkins’ Path to Social Reform

by Rhonda Myers

Frances Perkins, the first female cabinet member in U.S. history, was integral in paving the way for social reform. She was appointed by President Franklin D. 154 more words