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Episode 119 - What Would You Change First: Your Circumstances or Yourself?

I continue to share the different activities included in this team assessment tool I use with clients when they are looking for a fun way to deal with their challenges. 597 more words


Episode 118 - True or False: What You Want Creates Your Results

I continue to share from this amazing assessment tool.

Today, it’s a debate activity.

Whether you agree or disagree with the statement is up to you. 700 more words


Episode 117 - One Kind of Feedback Worth Asking For

Today, I present to you one of the tools I use to assess teams and develop action plans to improve performance.

It uses entertainment as a way to discuss subject that otherwise wouldn’t be openly brought up in conversation. 546 more words


Episode 102 - 4 Assessment of Work/Life Balance, Part 2

In the previous episode I shared a little about how I believe our life gets out of alignment due to us feeling obligated to meet someone else’s expectations. 886 more words


Episode 89 - One Courageous Way To Regain Your Sense of Control

Many of us fall into the trap of thinking that everything in our to-do list “needs to” or “has to” get done.

While it may seems that way, I discovered that most of the items are usually creations of our imagination in order to feel better about ourselves. 903 more words


Episode 86 - One Straightforward Strategy To Transform Yourself & Your Country

It’s so ridiculously simple that you’d realize you already know it.

The difference? You are probably not applying it because it’s so simple that you think it’s easy. 1,109 more words


Episode 76 - How Our Desire For Safety Becomes Our Prison

Today, I share a quote I read in the book “Right Now”, by Steve Chandler.

The implication of the statement is powerful and needs deeper reflection. 806 more words