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New Beginnings, Perseverance, and a Blog Reborn

    As I write this blog post, I do it as a newly appointed elementary principal. I couldn’t be more excited about this transition and the opportunities for learning new things, building relationships with new people, and growing as a leader, educator, and person. 736 more words

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Impact of Psychological Contract on Employment Relations & Employee Motivation

The psychological contract is an abstract term that ‘pundits’ like to coin while vaguely referring to the relationship between employers and employees (Clutterbuck, 2005). Although the concept of psychological contract is widely researched in recent years, this concept can be traced back to the work of Argyris (1962, cites in DelCampo, 2007). 1,904 more words

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Oh, take me back to the start...

As administrators, we all started somewhere.

While I searched (endlessly!) for my first administrative position, I discussed what it would take to make that leap from band teacher to administrator with my superintendent. 586 more words


Leadership Styles: Pros and Cons (Final Part)

Coaching Leadership Style

This is a suitable style of leadership for organizations where leaders are constantly confronting with challenges from the volatile business environment as a result of substantial business development and in need of an effective approach to handle the situations (CIPD, 2009). 1,977 more words

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Leadership Styles: Pros & Cons (Part 2)

Participative/Democratic Leadership Style

The assumption behind participative leadership (also known as democratic leadership) is that employees will assume a significant role in achieving the organizational objectives where leader’s role will be the creation of a conducive environment in which organizational objectives can be accomplished. 1,166 more words

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Leadership Styles: Pros & Cons (Part 1)

Leadership is a process of influencing a group people to accomplish a common goal. In organizational context, a leader is one who has substantial influences on the employees concerning how they behave, act, and perform in an organizational setting. 1,864 more words

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Impact of Leadership on Organizational Success

Business organizations are, in no doubt, continually facing new challenges in this present first paced rapidly changing hostile business environment (Basu, 2001). A number of issues triggered business environment to change at a tremendous pace, which involved economic development, shifting political standpoints, changes in people’s perceptions, needs & wants, technological advancement, vigorous business environment, extreme competition, changes in business strategies, changes in leadership and management styles and so on (Maheshawri, 1997). 1,373 more words

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