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Recognizing the masks we wear

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Last week, I had the opportunity to have lunch with some of my teachers. Although we were celebrating the winner of our March Madness Tournament of Greatness restaurant bracket, it was the first day of their summer break. 836 more words

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Motivating the Spectator Sheep, or "Things are not always how they appear"

Spectator Sheep express themselves with Naaaaaa’s and Baaaaaa’s when asked about things in the workplace. They are most certainly not involved and engaged and they are often not moving in the same direction as most of the others. 93 more words


Inspire, Lead, & Live with Brio

One of the best lessons I’ve learned in my career is that when you offer students advice, it is likely they won’t identify with the “when you are older” scenarios because the scope of that thinking just isn’t in their cognitive wheelhouse yet. 697 more words

7 Ways to Deal with Uncertainty So You Can Be Happier and Less Anxious

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.” ~John Allen Paulos

In three weeks, my boyfriend and I might move from the Bay area to LA, or we might move in here with roommates if he decides not pursue a film career. 1,275 more words

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NMA Leadership Motivation

Pemimpin adalah bagian terpenting yang menentukan keberlangsungan kemajuan perusahaan. Sikapnya, tindakannya, dan kebijakannya akan menentukan warna dan budaya bagi perusahaan.

Jika pemimpin di perusahaan Anda masih seperti ini : 224 more words

NMA Training Motivation Program

NMA Training motivation adalah salah satu program pelatihan dalam peningkatan SDM baik karyawan swata, BUMN, maupun jajaran aparatur negara, dari karyawan tingkat bawah sampai dengan tingkat pimpinan. 81 more words

Be Bold. Drop That Mic.

As an educator who now holds the title of principal, all I’ve ever wanted was to make a difference in the lives of kids and have an impact on my organization. 688 more words

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