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The Story of A Great Leader

If you were to ask me to describe someone who demonstrated greatness in leadership, I
might be tempted to paint the picture of a larger-than-life super hero, perhaps a president, a king, or a captain of industry. 434 more words


Leadership...And All That Jazz

This week, I’m offering you a refreshed version of a post I wrote in 2010. Not to be immodest but it is one of my favourites. 556 more words


Classic Leadership Wisdom: Saint Joan of Arc

George Bernard Shaw’s play “Saint Joan” is about Joan of Arc, the teenage girl who led the French army to a series of victories over the English in the 15th century. 192 more words

Leadership Failure #1:  Unaligned Leadership and Multiple Goals

In the recent blog, Leadership in Problem Solving, we talked about a four step process to align your team in pursuit of a goal like solving a problem or making an improvement: 604 more words


Leadership in Problem Solving

It happens every day.  Problems come up and the company looks to us to solve them.  Give us tough a problem—something challenging to understand, 755 more words


Stanley McChrystal: Leadership is a Choice

I recently listened to Stanly McChrystal’s talk on YouTube, “Leadership is a Choice” at .  It’s worth watching.  In this blog, transformational leadership (“Vision”, “Connection to people”) is interwoven with transactional leadership (“Management”) to build… 129 more words


Leadership and the 'vision thing'

Roberto Martinez, manager of Everton football club which did very well in the Premier League in the UK this season, says that he always had a vision… 1,055 more words