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Creating an Instructional Target

Like many districts, ours is in a transition between traditional methods of teaching and a new model based on Blended Learning. We are in the middle of a district wide 1:1 rollout and realized that we needed a rallying cry for our instructional practices. 1,234 more words


New Eyes for a New Year — Part Three

In the past two weeks, we have looked at the “what” and “where” of your leadership vision. In this final installment of “New Eyes for a New Year” it’s time to do a quick screening of the “how” of your vision. 378 more words


New Eyes for a New Year — Part Two

Last week, we started the “New Eyes for a New Year” leadership vision test by assessing what business you are in — which impacts how you and your team see the world. 425 more words


New Eyes for a New Year

As I write this, I am just returning from the optometrist. Each year I get my eyes checked during the first week of January — you know, start the New Year by making sure I am seeing clearly. 422 more words


Leadership Vision

5-7 pages excluding title, abstract, and reference pages, APA format Due 1/8/2018

Write a paper that explains the purpose and characteristics of developing an effective vision for a health care organization.Additionally, discuss the importance of organizational leadership communicating vision, and describe why some leaders fail at it. 25 more words

The Importance of a Leadership Vision

A leader without a vision is a leader without a head. A leader without a vision is a wandering leader. A leader without a vision is a rolling stone without a moss. 801 more words


A hidden dimension of diversity

How many times have you heard leaders say that their door is always open? I’m sure they’ve meant it. But how many times have you also heard – possibly even in the same conversation – the same leader saying that they are not hearing enough about what people think and feel, and that they want more feedback and opinion. 559 more words