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Down With the Internet

The recent suicide bombing in England was devastating and despicable. Isis or whatever name we give to this hate group, those who commit such acts of terrorism should all be sent to the depths of hell. 1,009 more words


Leadership versus Management

Leadership and management may complement each other, but they are very different

Most people use the words “management” and “leadership” interchangeably and usually only distinguish between the two by where the person is in the organizational hierarchy.  644 more words

Growth & Profit Solutions

Squeezing Problems

I saw and heard a great message last week in church, about the paradox when we try harder to “fix” our problems, they don’t get fixed and can get worse. 1,327 more words


Ships, again ... a bit more on Project Resolve

Thanks to our friend Colin on Army.ca, here are three pictures of the Asterix ~ the fleet support ship being built by Davie in Quebec and, reportedly, the cause of Vice Admiral Norman’s woes … they show the stern, the bridge and a cabin: 46 more words


Five Ways to Serve Your Organization and Build Your Leadership Skills

The process of building our personal leadership skills isn’t done overnight. That’s rather obvious. But what may not always be clear is that leadership development within organizations is, at its core, a reciprocal process. 530 more words


Change your thinking before you change your strategy

In another recent HBR articleMark Bonchek and Barry Libert, argue that organisations wanting to undertake a transformation are in need of a new mental model and new measurement model just as much as a new business model. 240 more words

Customer Experience

Planting Seeds: How Would You Grow a Culture of Wellbeing?

Last May I attended the Mental Health and Wellbeing #teachmeet at Magna Carta School, an inspiring event where I met Clare Erasmus for the first time. 828 more words