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Dress for today and never for the day before

I woke up in a rush yesterday and it seemed a bit chilly outside so I wore a black pants suit, a light blue shirt, All Stars (converse sneakers) and headed to a workshop. 480 more words

Handling Criticism: Lessons from Nehemiah

Criticism is part of life. If you are in leadership, you will be criticized by some for what you do, while others will criticize you for what you don’t do. 362 more words


A Thought About Character...Part 2

The character of an individual is foundational to the success of leadership. We know this to be true, but what is the fiber of our character. 154 more words


To My Lovely Mentee:

Abigail, you poetic and noble land mermaid.

Welcome to the family! Words can’t begin to describe how happy I am to welcome you with open arms to CMU & LAS. 581 more words


5 Proven Ways to Turn Failure Into Success

Do you want to discover how to turn failure into success? Failure has a way of discouraging even the strongest people. It makes us lose sight of our hopes and dreams. 598 more words


Alibaba Sales Up 39% on Increased Consumer Spending in China by PAUL MOZUR


Although the amount spent in the company’s marketplaces has grown about 20 percent, its revenue is up 30 percent or more.

Published: May 6, 2016 at 12:00AM… 9 more words

Steven McGugan

Faithful Leaders

In contemporary culture, faithful leaders are a rarity. To be faithful requires a deserving trust. Building trust takes time and is easily destroyed. Faithfulness is characterized by the quality of being honest and fair. 355 more words