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This is Evan Spiegel’s refreshingly simple description of Snapchat

Many executives have a hard time describing what their companies do. Especially in tech, where concepts are often novel or abstract.

Yahoo was once described by one of its executives… 198 more words

An Organization-Wide Approach to Good Decision Making - HBR

Behavioral economists and psychologists have uncovered scores of biases that undermine good decision-making. And, along with management experts, they have provided helpful tips that decision-makers can use to try to correct for those biases. 411 more words


How to Earn Respect as a Leader - HBR

In this adaptation from his new book, the CEO of Red Hat, Jim Whitehurst, shares advice for how to build credibility in an organization — especially if you are new to it, have a different background than others on your team, or are not in a position of authority. 282 more words




Whether you’re trying to steal a safari jeep or helping people experience God, teamwork is crucial! It’s by the sacrifice of many that the church is able to reach a city, and we value your involvement on the Dream Team! 628 more words

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Why would anyone want to follow you?

In my experience, the key questions for leaders are:

1. “Why would anyone want to follow you?”
2. “How do we know where we are going?” 138 more words


For a Good Time Call...

What is it you really want? Money ,Power, Fame , or thanks for a job well done? Acknowledgement that you too are valuable? I have asked for input in various venues. 461 more words

A Disturbing Culture Shift: Popular Apps and Websites and What They Tell us About Today's Youth

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend and shift in the current teen culture. The point of awareness came to me when I was preparing and researching different apps that are currently popular with teens. 543 more words