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4 Rules for Being a Great Advocate

There are 4 cardinal rules to becoming a great advocate. You must begin with the appropriate mindset to ensure you enhance rather than detract from the goals of those you are helping. 344 more words


The night before the start of the second week in SLTm

So, I have completed a week in SLT. Very tired. Followed by a leadership weekend. Then back to work in about 8 hours.

The days have gone by in a flash. 214 more words


Leaders: don't aspire to be lazy

“It gets easier the closer to the top you get”

I have heard many different variations of this perspective over the years. I have heard peers express their longing to be the CEO so they can make lots of money and not have to work hard. 498 more words


The planning system enables developers and landowners to make large profits while the public sector struggles with infrastructure costs and making homes affordable. Any new house building policy should keep control over land and retain its value for the public good.

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Community Development

For they heed a higher calling

Honoring another young man today, Jacob Heilmann, is proof positive that a Court of Honor isn’t some rare occasion around these parts.

In fact, it has become this community’s customary rite. 593 more words

76 - Creative ways to make your capital expenditure target. Some ideas.

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Yes, it is that time of the year when our engineers and accountants become highly creative.   By June 30 they will need to explain whether or not the targeted amount of capital works has been completed. 557 more words