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Create Value

Modern business is in an interesting transition. You have traditional, old-school methods clashing with more compassionate-oriented philosophies. Financial incentives are no longer the top motivator among employees. 278 more words


Inefficient energy

I loved physics in high school.  We did so many great experiments and had many conversations that challenged assumptions we had about science.

I remember my teacher, Mr. 436 more words


10 Things Successful People Never Do Again (2 min read)

 1. Try to be someone they are not.

In everything we do, we have to ask ourselves, “Why am I doing this? Am I suited for it? 492 more words


Discussing Archaeological Issues & The Bible

The quotes we are using today come from different threads in the archaeology forum on CARM. We will provide links to each thread that we quote from so you can see the whole discussion and make up your own minds about what we are about to say… 1,021 more words


Our Father, The Anal

“His family was wealthy.”

What this means is often that
his father had a penchant
for putting objects up his ass,
not “his” ass, but his father’s… 87 more words


Leaders Eat Last - Simon Sinek #Sketchnotes

The cost of leadership is self interest

#Sketchnotes from an online video by Simon Sinek.


Things that can happen to anyone will happen to you.

It won’t happen to me. I won’t ever be in that situation. I’m in control. 

All lies. Things that can happen to anyone will happen to you. 735 more words