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The ultimate oxymoron

There is no such thing as rapid improvement. The two words simply don’t belong together. Rapid alterations, yes. I can live with that. Rapid change, possibly. 825 more words


Slow Sheep, Slow Shepherd

When a new pastor comes to a church, there are always things she thinks need to change. Some of these are truly important. Some of them are pet peeves. 611 more words


Everyday Courage in Organizations

When you think about courage at work, what comes to mind? Maybe it is fire fighters going into a crumbling, burning building to rescue people. Or our armed services deployed overseas, facing the threat of injury or death every day. 822 more words

Leading Change

John Kotter’s - Leading change 2017 Review

2016 marked the twentieth anniversary of John Kotter’s management guide LEADING CHANGE. Within his influential work he descripts how to managing change by following an eight-steps process.   849 more words


Establish a Sense of Urgency...

John Kotter’s book, Leading Change, describes eight steps to ultimately anchor change within an organizational culture.

The first step has universal application: “establish a sense of urgency.” Without a sense of urgency, the possibility of change diminishes. 148 more words


The most important character question

Earlier this week I came upon an interesting article on interview questions. To me it really resonated as it focused on what it called “the most important question” to understand a persons character (during an interview). 52 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Finding the Path

“No!” replied the client and hung up.

“I quit!” said Bill out loud. “I haven’t made a sale all day.”

Jill, Bill’s big boss, happened to be passing his cubical as he announced his intent to terminate his employment, or at least sales calls for the day. 766 more words