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A new innovation perspective - change to fluidity

Today most innovation is focused on creating new products or services. These new innovations frequently change or modify operating models and business models, often not by deliberate design. 1,387 more words


Most Innovation is Becoming Business Model Innovation

As we consider the interplay between innovation, business models and change, it becomes clear that many companies have a definition of innovation that’s far too narrow. 1,475 more words


Be Thou My Vision

It’s easy to get in survival mode. I was talking to a friend of mine who also pastors a small church. I asked him what his vision for his fellowship was and he said, “To preach the whole word of God and survive.” While staying true to the Gospel is vital (and becoming more rare), survival is not an option. 993 more words


The Interplay in 3 Essential Change Points for Innovation

There is always a certain impact that innovation brings, it should change habits, alter perceptions, improve our lives or alter the way we work and think. 1,205 more words


The Interplay Surrounding Innovation

Innovation should be the primary source of real change. Often when exciting new innovations occur they have the power to significantly change our habits, and choice of product, preferences and ways we set about our daily lives. 1,560 more words


The "C" change within innovation

We all want innovation but often we take a ‘selected’ focus on the changes we are bringing about, either in the external market place in new products, services and even new business models, yet we often ignore the amount of change we should be considering within our own organization. 600 more words


Professional Growth Models

Reading the recently released horizon report from @aitsl revealed some really interesting examples of how countries and schools are dealing with professional learning within schools. 905 more words