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How to Avoid Being a Fake Positive Leader

There are sessions taught in some companies these days on “Executive Presence.” Such courses help high-potential employees to walk, talk, and look like a leader is meant to look. 829 more words

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Rich’s Change Rule # 3: Leadership is to Aspire & Inspire & Sometimes Warn!

In my approach to leadership communication coaching, your verbal skill is everything. This is particularly true when leading change. Leadership is your ability to influence others to get on board with any particular objective.  281 more words

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Organizational Artifacts

Organizational Culture

Companies carefully develop and vigorously safeguard their corporate logos and trademarks because the leaders understand the importance of brand. Logos speak for the company, what it makes, and stands for. 641 more words


Nibbling at the Status Quo are you?

In every senior position I held, I made extensive use of task forces to develop options, recommendations, and specific plans for implementation. I relied on such ad hoc groups to effect change instead of using existing bureaucratic structures because asking the regular bureaucratic hierarchy (as opposed to individuals within it) if the organization needs to change consistently yields the same response: it almost never provides bold options or recommendations that do more than nibble at the status quo.

– Robert M. Gates

Skip Change Management, not recommended...

Within any major initiative it seems one of the most overlooked yet extremely important steps is to manage the change to the teams. This is not exclusive to the impacted teams but also those that work with the teams both directly and indirectly. 214 more words

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What Positive Leadership is Not

It drives me nuts.

Few things make me crazier than when people misunderstand what it means to be “positive” in the workplace, and then project that misunderstanding onto others. 773 more words

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Rich’s Change Rule # 1: Then, Now & NEXT!

Rich’s Change Rule # 1: That Was Then, This Is Now & What Comes Next?!

Time flies. When clients ask me about generations in the workplace I have to stop and think hard because the subject is such a moving target.  420 more words

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