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Leading Lines

Exposure shot with a modest P&S Canon PowerShot A720 IS mounted on a sturdy Manfrotto tripod.  Natural light outside on the front porch.

Good Day!



Focal Point



Juxtaposition (old vs. new)

Leading Lines (loosely, I know)

Rule of Thirds

A Levels

London Underground

After a few recent trips to, from & around London, I am discovering more and more that the Underground is a seriously photogenic place.

Mainly due to it’s leading lines and dark contrasting edges, the Underground tunnels can cast shadows from the directional lights that illuminate the paths. 55 more words

Week 16; Sunflower Row

This week the challenge fell under the umbrella of telling a story using Leading Lines; the challenge specifically stated that one could not use railroad tracks, either. 992 more words

A Taste of Islamic Cairo

I’ve spent the past few months getting ready for an international move, doing the move, and then settling in to our new home in Cairo, Egypt. 150 more words


Week 16 - Leading Lines

Another photo I snapped while at the National Training Center in the spring. The desert landscape combined with dust, wind, and a setting sun made for some truly striking moments. 15 more words


Simple Changes = Greater Impact

This blog represents a concept called Reverse Engineering. In the examples below you will see and learn how to reverse engineer an ad campaign. The examples point out how design principles such as images, type, color, contrast, alignment and layout can enhance the impact an ad has on those who will view it. 276 more words