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Photo Reverse Engineer Resubmit

I found these pictures interesting both ones I took and others I found off of the internet

#1 Rules of Third


it is interesting how the subject of the picture is situated along the lines . 157 more words

Reverse Engineer

Reverse Engineer Type and Photography

I like this magazine layout designed by cbracechs for Music Magazine. It was originally posted on May 10, 2012 as a WordPress.com project.

Today, I will discuss some elements of typography and photography used in this magazine layout as well as give input on different ideas that would also work in this setting. 660 more words


Reverse Engineering a Magazine Spread

The magazine spread that I will be using for this blogpost was created by Jacob Ross Hayes.


Typefaces Used

In this magazine spread there were only two different typefaces used. 415 more words

Sudden Impact Typography


This is a Vogue Magazine spread that I chose. Vogue is an american fashion magazine that has been around since 1892. They are all about beauty and runways. 306 more words


The Makings of A Great Photograph


The Ten Commandments of Photography! Just kidding. There may not be any set in stone rules about photography, since photography is a form of expression and some might even say the right of free speech in creativity. 298 more words


Photography - Guidelines

In this blog post, I will be discussing three rules/tips of photography and then give an example of a picture I have taken that have those tips.  431 more words




Landscape has never been my strong suit, and it is not my favorite photography subject. However, I want to improve my skills in this subject. 263 more words