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Three Rules of Composition


In these images of San Francisco, I will identify three different rules that are present in my photographs. These rules include the Rule of Thirds, Leading lines, and Depth of Field. 306 more words


How to take better pictures? - Photography - Reverse engineer post

Today with the wave of Instagram, Facebook and other social networks, everyone wants to post a cool photo. If you like to take photos or are a beginner photographer, it is good to know some simple tips that will help you better snap the moments and achieve great results. 648 more words


Photography Reverse Engineer Post


Photography is an important part of our every day lives. It is interesting to view photography and all that is important to remember when taking a picture. 684 more words


Photography Skills Explained


In this post I will be showing examples of different photography tricks and skills, that will better your photographs. The three categories are: Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, and Depth of Field. 707 more words

Reverse Engineer



That was my first time holding a semi proffesional camera. I used to take lot of pictures and selfies on the phone, but this time is was different. 573 more words

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Captive Photography

Photography is fascinating! Everyone knows when a photograph captivates them. It is not usually that simple a matter to pin-point what makes it great. This blog is devoted to figuring out just what makes a picture stand out. 583 more words

Reverse Engineering

Secrets of Successful Photos

Want your photos to have a powerful affect on the viewer, and to stand out among others?  In this post we will discuss three simple visual composition rules that will make your images powerful. 308 more words