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I love to write and draw. I’m not the best drawer but, they are decent. By I love writing the most, short stories, poetry, or even novels (although I have yet to complete a novel). 42 more words


Education is key.

Even though sometimes i’m whipped out my education and what i learn is important to me.


The Dirty Rainbow

I Strongly believe in keeping nature clean. This creek, that is home to Turtles, tadpoles and even some small fish, is poluted. The rainbow in the water is not from light, this was taken on a cloudy day, but it is from oil. 60 more words


Lewisville, Texas

 I Don’t come from much, but Lewsiville is where i was bought up.


Tomorrow is Today

No matter what is happening right now time is passing and it does not stop for anyone. You have to keep moving ahead and do not look back. Next step is graduation.

Leading Lines