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Quote of the Day | 02.22.17

It does no good to ignore it, and even less good to rail against it. It’s a reality we have to deal with.

  • Larry Osborne

Random Surprise

A guest post by best selling author Chip Bell.


Working with Caesars Palace in Vegas for me debunked myths about the casino world. 370 more words

Leadership Development

Ode to the Micro-Manager

Oh, you over-looker, you shoulder crowder,
You egomaniacal, hovering cloud of tension
How I long to punch you in your disapproving face.

Perhaps, I’ve been unluckier than most but I have occasionally in my long career dreamed of wiping the arrogant grin from someone’s face.   514 more words


What Next?

I’m asking this question now as I consider retirement.  I’m sure this would be much easier if I didn’t love my work and co-workers so much.  349 more words

Stranger, Acquaintance, Friend? Where's your learning at?

How can we ensure our learning is more than an acquaintance, certainly more than a stranger. At least a friend, if not best friend. How have we come to a point where I have spoken to a 6 year old who told me “I don’t like learning”. 1,324 more words