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Quote of the Day | 07.06.15

Effective teams value analysis and feedback, and they work on becoming and staying aligned with one another.

– Samuel R. Chand

The Longest Seconds of April 25 - Report (Video)

KATHMANDU, May 09 – It has been 14 days since the ‘great earthquake’ struck and surprised Nepal and Nepalis.

With the death toll still in an increasing course and people rendered homeless still waiting for relief, the government is finding it a task of extraordinary scale to cope with the loss of lives and property. 23 more words


Quote of the Day | 07.03.15

For teams to be responsive, they have to develop a consistent process for collaboration, with communication lines that are wide open.

– Samuel R. Chand

12 Ways to Outgrow Oppressive Environments

Rules, restrictions, and hierarchy make us small.

Greatness assumes freedom.

Men and women languish under oppression and die for freedom. Yet, organizations often cling to heavy-handed methods to get things done.

265 more words

Trust Me! 

I really believe that it is a right season to encourage you to trust The Lord. Trust that He is good. Trust that He is in control. 754 more words


How do facebook,uber,airbnb and alibaba make money?

Didn’t this info graph question you how are they making their banks full and investors happy at the same time ?


Let us find out here. 985 more words

What if you're not that Smart

Don’t worry if you aren’t the smartest person in the room; stay curious and work hard.

Curiosity and hard work takes leaders further than indulgent intelligence. 305 more words