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5 Ways to Answer Self Importance and Move Toward Humility

“I don’t like it that helping can make me feel superior to others.”

The young woman on my team who spoke those words volunteered at a homeless shelter Sunday night. 283 more words

Leadership Development

3 Signs You Are Not a True Leader

I have said this a million times, “Just because you have the money to buy a business, does not make you a good boss, just because you can make kids does not make you a good parent, just because you can stir a crowd’s emotions does not make you a good pastor, and just because you have a leadership position does not make you a good leader.” 1,015 more words


Leading By Example, Leads To Success For EVERYONE!

Your success – and the success of your team – starts with YOU, so commit 100% to your team and clients…truly go “all in.” Raise the bar for your team to create win-win situations to strengthen your team…and grow your finances, TOO!


I was talking with a group of people the other day when one of them began talking about how much integrity they had and how they strive to do the right thing always. 203 more words


Monologues and Dialogues

Pop quiz. Which would you rather….

  • Sit in an hour long meeting just listening or speaking up when you have something to say?
  • Being told by your boss how you are performing or having a conversation about how things are going?
  • 685 more words

Quote of the Day | 04.24.17

A team must measure its current state before it can set accurate and achievable goals to pursue.

  • Tony Morgan, Ryan Stigile

Leading social change

(Source: news.nus.edu.sg)

The CTPCLP Symposium 2017 featured five engaging project presentations by students who examined important social and community issues

The annual Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Programme… 628 more words

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