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Getting The Most Out Of Creative Brainstorming Meetings

Brainstorming meetings can be fun and exciting, and other times they can be depressing and uneventful. Why is this? With so many people in the room, why are there no good ideas? 1,121 more words


6 Ways to Deal with Blamethrowing

Blamethrowers want others to change.

The opposite of blame is responsibility.

You learn when you take responsibility. Life remains the same when you blame.

6 ways to deal with Blamethrowing:

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Rehearse For....

therefore & after

this great rest

i’m pressed to a new ambiance

from the fortress to the back wall

i rehearse my lines

there is always some kind of great act… 79 more words


Quote of the Day | 05.25.16

In most aspects of life, you need to say something about twenty times before it truly starts to sink in.

  • Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg

Olubunmi Akinyemi - Customer Service Tips

As a business owner, Olubunmi Akinyemi understands that the quality of the service provided to clients is going to play a large role in the success of his company. 233 more words


11 Ways to Rise from Front-line to Top Leadership

Ron Wallace began his career at UPS as a driver and ended it as President of UPS International.

I asked Ron how a person rises from driver to President. 317 more words

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