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Life in the Trenches

While attending a military school as I do, you tend to hear a lot about leadership. You here “how you should lead” and “what makes you a principled leader,” but you don’t often here from people who are tremendous leaders and have had lived their lives’ in service to others. 597 more words


7 Ways to Enhance Relevance and Increase Influence

You spend the first part of the journey fitting in and pleasing others. In the process you lose relevance.

The thing that makes you “other” is the thing that makes you relevant.

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Leadership Development

Age at Work webinar available to view online

Our webinar on Managing in Multigenerational Organisations took place on 25 February. If you missed it or want to watch again, the webinar is now available to view on demand. 116 more words


Leading contracting companies can provide solutions to yo… | Pinterest

Leading contracting companies can provide solutions to your business needs. Their expertise can provide solutions that are tailored specifically for your requirements.

"I know all of this already..."

“The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.” – Daniel J Boorstin

From time to time when we run a training event, a coaching discussion or a group coaching session, we will hear someone say “I know this already”, “I’ve covered it previously in my career”, “I’ve done a lot of this before” or any number of variations on this theme. 548 more words


“You Need to Feed Them and Love Them Before You can Lead Them”

I recently heard again a pastor’s old maxim – “you need to feed them and love them before you can lead them”. This got me thinking, this isn’t just a helpful maxim for pastors but for every leader. 345 more words

Living As A Leader

Perspectives on degendering competitions: Andy Bouman

Over the past year there has been a strong effort to make West Coast Swing competitions gender neutral, meaning men can compete as followers and women can compete as leaders. 1,626 more words