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Leadership Tipping Points

If you want the same result, keep doing the same thing.

You must do something different, if you expect to find new tipping points. 

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Lighted Highway or Flashlight?

“I will teach you and tell you the way to go and how to get there; I will give you good counsel, and I will watch over you.” 770 more words

Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the US

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

Medical errors — including incorrect medications, surgical mishaps, and wrong diagnoses — kill more than 250,000 Americans every year, according to a… 325 more words


Quote of the Day | 05.04.16

The right decision is the best decision, not the lowest common denominator decision upon which everyone agrees.

  • Eric Schimdt & Jonathan Rosenberg

Jennylyn Mercado leading the initial tally of ‘100 Sexiest Women’

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Image capture from Jennylyn Mercado’s post via Facebook


Jennylyn Mercado is leading the list of the initial tally of the ‘100 Sexiest Women’ 14 more words

When the Garbage Stinks, Take it Out

There’s a garbage can in your head that’s stinking up your leadership.

Garbage is your inclination to pretend you’re less than you are by clinging to old ways of thinking about yourself.

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Leadership Development

A Sales Responsibility Checklist

As a business advisor, one of the top issues business owners ask for advice on is how to increase sales.  My response is always the same: sales is at the heart of every company, and every employee is responsible for it, but in different ways. 472 more words