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Difference Between Phone Leads Generation and Pay-Per-Call Network?

Phone leads generation is everything about helping regional businesses grow. It has to do with making the products and services provided understood to potential consumers within a certain geographic area. 123 more words

Defend Your Social Media! How To Set Goals to help measure ROI.

As a marketer, I get flak just about every day from people about the point of social media. It comes in different waves and with differing levels of eye-rolling and negative ignorance. 537 more words


How Social Media works for Messages, Posts and Sounding Boards!

Social media works as a sounding board for me and my online business!  When I post something, I generally get a few likes, even some comments.  192 more words


You've Heard the Cliche Phrase, "There's an App for That!", Right? I Like the Phrase, "There's Training for That!" Better

Have you ever considered starting a blog?

There’s training for that!

Do you have a great website, but can’t get traffic?

There’s training for that! 206 more words

Network Marketing

5 Steps to a Targeted Marketing Message

As I was driving to work today, I was thinking about some of the posts about real estate marketing I saw on Facebook this weekend. There seems to be an overall feeling that marketing is something that probably should be done, but ends up being an afterthought for most. 1,063 more words

Anna-Marie Love Up Is The Sun

Anna-Marie, love, up is the sun,

Anna-Marie, love, morn is begun,

Mists are dispersing, love, birds singing free,

Up in the morning, love, Anna-Marie.

Anna-Marie, love, up in the morn, 125 more words

Cathartic Love

Tata GenX Nano - Perfect example of repositioning

One of my all time favorite Indian car brand is Tata Nano. The Indian automobile sector is one sector which demonstrates different facets of branding. Tata Nano started out in rough waters (relocating the complete manufacturing plant from West Bengal to Gujrat) and has been struggling for many years now. 241 more words