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8 Things That Will Transform Your Sales Results

Everyone is in sales. This is a well known truth. We all trade with each other to get our needs met. It’s how it works. Customers lead to sales, but how do you find customers? 1,220 more words


What Is Target Marketing? And How To More Get Leads and Sales • Jay Warren

You know who your are speaking with in your marketing? In this video post I’m gonna dive into what is target marketing and how you can use it to get more leads and sales in your business.

You Are Dehydrated

Believe It.  We are walking around dehydrated which leads to a plethora of negative effects. Water is a critical element of the body, and keeping the body adequately hydrated is a must to allow the body to function. 22 more words

Get Roofing Leads for Roofers Who Need Work

The Yellow Pages are not entirely dead for roofing leads.

By now, it’s painfully obviously that the competitive advantage of a big, fat Yellow Pages ad isn’t what it used to be, but the Yellow Pages aren’t dead yet — especially in rural areas with the 55+ age demographic.


MLM Prospecting Tips: How To Talk To Your MLM Leads • Jay Warren

Struggling with prospecting and talking with your MLM leads? These mlm prospecting tips will help you talk with more people and generate leads using the In