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Training Updates (With Some Life Thrown In)

By Danielle

Update #1 – Our New Neighborhood ROCKS

This is just a quickie update. I am writing this blog post from the local coffee shop that is two blocks always from our house. 731 more words


2015 Summer Adventure Check List

By Danielle

Excuse our LONG absence from this little blog. In the last few weeks, we moved out of our old house, were homeless for a week, moved in to our new house (with no internet!) and then we jetted off to Georgia so I could receive my FSA (aka become an actuary badass or an “actuarian doctor” as my sister says). 1,158 more words


Love Affair with Leadville

By Danielle

What’s the Leadville 100 (or LT100)?

Leadville is a little town in the mountains of Colorado. The town (well, really it’s Lifetime, but that’s a technicality) hosts a whole series of races including various trail running distances and some mountain bike races. 1,236 more words


Windows of Opportunity - The Last Charity Slot Story

Dear DeDe,We regret to inform you that your name was not drawn in the lottery for the 2015 Leadville Trail 100 Run 2,195 more words

The Gift of the Fatty

My boyfriend is almost impossible to shop for when it comes to holiday gifts. Not only is he the retail manager at a bike shop so can get deals on things that I wouldn’t be able to, but also makes more money than I do and lives under the philosophy that if he wants it, and it’s within his means, than he’ll just get it. 780 more words


Monday Morning Book Excerpt

“I had no corporate sponsor, not a shred of carbon fiber in my gear, still carrying the twenty pounds I’d sworn to lose, and continuously facing all of the hurdles an average guy with average problems can face. 16 more words

Just a Quote

“Do you know how many riders are in this race? One. That’s you. That’s you against a hundred miles of the highest, the baddest, the tallest and the roughest mountains in Colorado. 24 more words