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Leafy Sea Dragon

This is the Australian Leafy Sea Dragon and is closely related to the seahorse. They live in the waters off of the southern and eastern sides of Australia, but this little guy calls the Georgia Aquarium home. 17 more words


How to quit your boredem!

If we watch shows/movies that are full of cheating, crimes, vampires, evil, I would not be surprise if you tell me that life is boring! 60 more words


Facts about weird sea creatures

The Indonesian Boxfish was an inspiration-for a fuel-efficient Mercedes-Benz!

Puny, 6″, Vampire Squids protect themselves from predators by wrapping their arms around their bodies to make themselves look inside out! 279 more words

Blob Fish

Leafy Sea Dragon Scarf complete

I’d say this scarf took me an entire skein of the yarn I was using. No special yarn, I got it at Michael’s for $3.99 a ball! 102 more words

My leafy sea dragon scarf so far

I got this pattern from The Invisible Loom¬†about a year ago and never got around to making it. Today I’m snowed in, so I’m watching House and knitting. 36 more words

Leafy Sea Dragon Cosmetics Case

I’m off to Monterey this coming week to visit some family friends, one of whom works at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The last time we visited, I bought a graphic tee from the gift shop for the aquarium’s sea horse exhibit. 466 more words

My Sewing

Dragon's are real!!!

Hey, fans of Game of Thrones! It turns out that dragons are real. It’s true. I’ve seen at least three different kinds at the Aquarium of the Pacific: The Ribbon Dragon, the Weedy Dragon, and the Leafy Sea Dragon. 51 more words