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Nothing to Lose But Our Chains: How Andrea Rosal Changed My Life by Jordan Ilagan


Camp Bagong Diwa. The last place I expected to visit on a church trip to the Philippines. Though the visit was over a year ago, and was only about an hour in length, I will never forget Camp Bagong Diwa. 590 more words

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SONA Ng Bayan – BS Aquino found Guilty in SF

1- We are the People!

The planning team meets up at the Filipino Community Center, between Bayan Congress and International People’s Tribunal in Washington D.C. we were stretched pretty thin, but thanks to those that stepped up, we were able to pull through. 370 more words

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Kilusan: Mary Jane Lives! The People Live!

By Pat Racela

The case of Mary Jane Veloso is one that stirs at the fabric of our beings as children of migrants. We can ask our parents, grandparents, and other family members for reasons they left the Philippines and the essence of every response is always tied to finding a better life for their children so we wouldn’t have to face the same conditions they did growing up. 708 more words

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