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Calgary's Champions: 5 Tips for Your Last Few Days to Prepare

Please note: there have been changes to the May 27th tournament including location and start time. Please CLICK HERE for the most up-to-date details.

With the Spring Open fully registered with players, we are very much in the final stretch towards this important tournament. 605 more words


SKT are MSI Champions

Photo Credit: Youtube

When the dust settled this past Sunday, SKT once again stood victorious on the international stage with another MSI trophy to add to their already bulging trophy case. 382 more words


“The concept of electronic competition should be pushed even further.” – an interview with Ákos “PierceTheHeaven” Német

Years ago, it was hardly believable that one could make a career by just playing video games. Fast-forwarding into the present, the unthinkable happened and eSports as a field of work has become reality. 2,800 more words


Profil Tim League of Legends Garuda Series Summer 2017: SUPERAMOS

League of Legends Garuda Series (LGS) Summer 2017 sebentar lagi akan dimulai. Seperti yang kita tahu, ada beberapa tim baru yang akan bertanding di LGS Summer 2017 nanti, dan salah satunya adalah Superamos. 168 more words


Roles in League of Legends: Mages

Mages are champions who focus on dealing magic damage by using spells and building ability power items. Mages are typically either high in damage-per-second or high in burst. 294 more words

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Roles in League of Legends: Support

A support does exactly what it sounds like. They support their team. Supports have kits that are geared toward protecting their carry and team using crowd-control, shields and healing. 259 more words

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Roles in League of Legends: Marksmen

A marksman in League of Legends is a champion with high physical damage-per-second that deals most if its damage with basic attacks. Marksman are the primary damage source on any team for killing champions and structures alike. 268 more words

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