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An Introduction to Threat Rating

In between Elo Hero posts I will maintain a weekly update on solo queue threat champions. There will be a weekly threat rating tier list update and champion breakdowns when necessary. 231 more words


GW2: The new F2P champion has arived

I feel like I should post about GW2 going F2P, only I can’t call it a ‘downgrade to the minor leagues’ because the game wasn’t a sub MMO to begin with. 435 more words

MMO Design

SKT T1 Faker and Marin AMA

Susie Kim who recently had an AMA for SKT T1 mid laner Faker, and top laner Marin. The duo were at PAX Prime and are heading into a season 5 Worlds tournament with only one goal in mind: winning. 838 more words

League Of Legends

The Zen and Art of Time Management Gaming Edition

Hey Guys,

Just coming to you with a little bit of insight and learning that I have done over the past few days about management of the most valuable resource in our lives. 398 more words