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I made a post a little while ago about being a half-way gamer. While I doubt that I will EVER play games as much as I used to when I was younger, I still do enjoy playing games. 328 more words


What makes a good support?

Out of the many roles in League of Legends, support has been one role that I have found to have conflicting views on what makes a good support. 387 more words



I was curious about how they record and upload video on Youtube, so I tried. Despite being a AI player in garena server, with  low spec laptop, lagging internet… and lack of ranked to backup my build. 44 more words


Top 5 Friday: The Most Technically Impressive Games Ever.

Whether you’re a game developer, a developer of another type, or have never written a line of code in your life, if you play video games then there are undoubtedly moments when you’ve thought to yourself, ‘how in the world did they do that?’  As I’ve started developing games, this thought has started popping into my head more and more often, and with more specificity than ever.  1,219 more words

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To Piltover, To A Ball (9)


“What do you mean? She really did that for you.” Irelia frowned.

“It doesn’t seem right at all. Anyway, don’t make me shut you up.” Talon released a sigh. 2,459 more words

League Of Legends

Ekko: Chronobreak Comic, AMAZING!

“A friend in need or a murderous deed. We’re defined by the paths we take.”

Check out the entire comic here -> http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/ekko-comic/

League Of Legends

League of Legends: The Journey to 30 - Runes, Masteries And Smurfs Oh My!

As I continue to play LoL with my brothers, I’ve recently reached level 17 and played against level 30 ranked competitors. What I discovered though, is that these higher level players are similar to the ones you find at lower levels, which is mostly do to the fact that when playing in a group at a lower level you’re more likely to run into a group of “smurfs” or higher level characters who are playing on a second, lower level account. 542 more words

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