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LoL- Welcome to the 2016 World Championships

The wait is almost over. The teams have bootcamped in Korea and will soon be heading to the US of A for the 2016 World championships. 684 more words

Cute gamer couple comic

This is cute couple. I wished I have relationship like this. Stolen from here


The Best Players at Worlds

Photo Credit: Kotaku.com

The following five players are some of the best players in attendance at Worlds. No doubt, there will be quite a few good players missing, but these five have been some of the most consistently, high-performing players of their teams and a huge part of why their teams are at Worlds. 419 more words


My Three Fictional Characters

No doubt you have seen friends and family on social media participating in the “Describe Yourself Using Three Fictional Characters” meme.  I decided I would take the challenge using only video game characters. 28 more words

Blog Posts

Fall Update 2016

Hey everyone this is just a little preview of content and this to come for the Fall Season. I’m so glad its finally here.

  • There will be Skin Reviews for the Star Guardian Skins.
  • 350 more words

Riot Games' League of Legends free champion rotation

The free to play champion rotation for the week of the 20th September 2016 features Diana, Kha’Zix, Lissandra, Lulu, Nasus, Rengar, Ryze, Tahm Kench, Varus and Vayne. 146 more words


Fire up the Ovens Because the Chefs are Coming to the Rift!

If there is one thing League of Legends isn’t short of, it is providing their players with unique champion skins and designs. From futuristic to typical summer fun themes, we’ve seen our champions in different sorts of style and costumes. 319 more words