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Ryze on 6.14 LoL Update

Ever wondered what a Ryze could do if he could easily get to your back-line? Well, Riot has made it a whole lot easier for him to do that! 412 more words

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Patologia JD

“Dis zasłużył sobie na hejt”. “Dis zapracował na to, żeby go jechać”. “Dis jest zły i nie szanuje życia”. Z takimi komentarzami spotkałam się dzisiaj na jednej z grup facebookowych. 508 more words


Translating Raid Strats to MOBAs

Okay, so you know that there are lots of delightful mechanics from MMOs that ended up being included into MOBAs. Mostly the “Raid” team fight translation. 486 more words


Kled possible abilities

Ever since the teaser was released, there has been a lot of speculation about this champ. There isn’t as much hype about him compared to other champs in the past but I am very happy that they made this champ as he is very unique. 190 more words


How Overwatch is Overthrowing League of Legends

It’s the subject every gamer has been buzzing about: as of June 20th, Overwatch overtook League of Legends as the most-played game in Korean internet cafes. 1,337 more words

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