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*Spoiler* Quickies:TSM Vs C9, applying the fundamentals

Relevant video

Here we already see the diversity in the starting jungle camp. At higher levels of gameplay, we see the duo bottom lane taking their respective jungle camp for a fast level 2. 241 more words

League Of Legends

Quickies: Dopa lane domination.

Here is the relevant video. Because I am on a free WordPress plan, I am unable to embed videos from YouTube. Instead I will be outsourcing it. 857 more words

League Of Legends

TSM wins 2016 NA LCS Summer Split

Photo Credit: Daily Dot

TSM were the top seeded team coming into the playoffs due to their impressive 17-1 record in the regular season. Their only blip on their record was a loss to Phoenix1 in an otherwise perfect season. 419 more words


Introduction to the Jungle - The X Factor, Part I

The jungle role at first glance may seem like a very simple role. Some may think that it’s a role where you just farm and gank. 907 more words

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Easy Games, Easy Life?

Now I know it has been about a month now since my last post, sorry about that, but I’ve noticed some things in my ranked matches recently that I’d like to share. 1,209 more words

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Breaking Down The Game

This post will put how I view League at its most basic level. Posts beyond this will extend from this concept.

The game itself is very complex but I believe it can be broken down to two components when looking for ways to improve: the micro and the macro game. 740 more words

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