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This blog will only contain gaming the upcoming weeks.

The main game will be League of Legends. I will post results and maybe some gameplay from a High MMR Account currently placed in Diamond 5. 47 more words


Elements' honeymoon 2.0

As a long time CLG.EU fan I am happy to say that the Elements were looking strong yesterday in their game vs MYM and it definitely seemed like the new line-up were enjoying themselves on that stage. 174 more words

League Of Legends

Top 5 Video Games to Play at The College of New Jersey

You can find at least one fourth of the student body playing one of these addicting games.


5. World of Warcraft

Although not the most popular among TCNJ students, you can definitely find a large handful playing this huge game. 640 more words


Terrible MMORPG Sequels

Know what sucks? Being super pumped for a sequel and when it finally comes out, being SUPER disappointed by it. After being a huge fan of Ragnarok Online for a cool…. 302 more words

Make use of rp generator within lol - Overcome Your competitors

The actual multi player on-line combat arena (MOBA) online game globe is full of various fantastic computer game titles and league of legends http://wupnet.net will be one of the best within the market at this time. 655 more words

League Of Legends

eSports Weekend Calendar: February 27 – March 1, 2015

When we usually have four eSports in the eSports Weekend Calendar, the fourth one is usually CS:GO. This time, the fourth eSport is Heroes of the Storm. 360 more words


Power Analysis #1: Nidalee Jungle [5.3]

Hello everyone, I’m back with a new serie. This will be more stable and scheduled than my fanfiction.
If you’ve been watching LCS, you must have noticed this Nidalee jungle pick. 587 more words

League Of Legends