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Week 0; A prologue.

Why, hello there.

I’m glad you’ve stumbled upon my humble little blog here.

In “Week 0” I’ll be discussing why I created this blog, what I intend to write about, and who I am, especially from the perspective of a player. 386 more words


"Jhin, the Virtuoso" Review

“In carnage, I bloom…. like a flower in the dawn.”

Jhin, the Virtuoso Champion Spotlight

As an ADC (Attack Damage Carry) main I was very excited for the release of Jhin, the Virtuoso. 1,245 more words


E-sports have really taken a storm in the past few years.  Tournaments that were once participated by amateurs filled with only a room full of people have now expanded into arenas that are situated by thousands of people.   96 more words


Tuning dropout for each network size

In the previous post I tested a range of shallow networks from 50 hidden units to 1000. On the smaller dataset (50k rows) additional network complexity hurts: It’s just overfitting. 605 more words


Announcing the NUEL Titans

The 2016 spring season of the ESL UK Premiership is soon to kick off. Last season they were the NUEL 5 but this season they feature a new name and a revamped roster. 989 more words


Welcome to my story!

Hello marshmallows,

Welcome to my blog! I’m not sure how you stumbled upon this blog but I’m glad you did and I hope you don’t regret it! 682 more words


It's 2016; How Far Can Esports Go?

2015 was a big year for esports. A fairly recent phenomenon, and generally looked down upon by traditional sports fans, a year of evolution saw professional video gaming reaching new heights. 750 more words