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Chapter 17: A Vile Man

The salty smell of the Conqueror’s Sea was stronger than any other smell in the capital city of Demacia. As far as he could remember, Garen swore the marketplace used to reek of butchered crag meat and fresh fish. 5,488 more words

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The Daily Life of a Gamer

Hey, what’s up? My name is Nathaniel Nguyen and I’ll be talking about my affection towards video games, more specifically, League of Legends. I’ve been playing this MOBA based game for 5 years now and I guess I’m a decent player. 62 more words


Beginners Guide to Dominating the Mid Lane

Whether you love it or hate it, League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world. Within the game, there are five possible roles that you can play. 773 more words

Esports: Cloud 9 belittles opponents before Worlds Play-in stage; backs it up by going undefeated

By: Phil Sidavong

Talk about an easy road to the group stages.

One of North America’s former kings is back at Worlds, but this time the two-time NALCS champions Cloud 9 had to fight its way out of the play-in round. 432 more words

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League of Legends Website Traffic

League of Legends Website Traffic for Esports

To begin with, this post is for my Marketing class, which is focuses on digital marketing and how we as marketers can increase consumer involvement and better web traffic. 398 more words

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Chapter 16: The Nostoi

Waking up that day had never been more painful. His scalp hurt, his face was bruised, and his back felt destroyed. He wasn’t entirely sure how his healer Sona Buvelle ended up nursing his wounds in a deserted hut, miles away from Kalamanda, but Jarvan wouldn’t complain about it. 3,568 more words

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