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Who's on first?

If you are interested in politics – and you like lists – then here’s a list that may be of some interest to you.

For this is a list, in order, of who the next President of the United States might be if, as seems increasingly likely, something untoward – mostly in the form of criminal charges or impeachment – befalls our beloved Donald over the next few months. 1,080 more words

Kristine Leahy represents what's wrong with Sports (and most TV) media

Y’all know how I do, I love LaVar Ball and just to keep it a buck: this post will enrage people but…not those with common sense. 731 more words

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Daniel Quinn/Quin/Queen (1809-?)

This gentleman has proved to be the most enigmatic of my forebears and I’m fascinated by him.  He was a real survivor.  Information about his life and naval career are a bit patchy as he used several aliases (see note at the bottom of the page).  4,544 more words

Family History

JK McCarthy Museum - Goroka

I have to admit that, at twenty something years of age, I visited this museum purely because of the macabre nature of some of its exhibits. 581 more words


GMO Legislation Passes Despite Day of Opposition

A Genetically Modified Organism(GMO) labeling amendment passed tonight by a 63-30 vote. The measure is viewed as a serious compromise, and faced sustained opposition on the floor today. 269 more words

Parliamentarian Earns Her Pay

A comical scene played out this evening in the waning hours of the Senate session that left members scratching their heads over the contents of a bill that was moved by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY. 366 more words