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The Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus reported come into stores on September 18

With the latest smartphones in our system currently , there is no doubt Apple will like to update its inventory.There has also been a plethora of rumours and leaked pictures of the lastest iPhone ( 6s) that is rumoured to be released on the 18 of September. 77 more words


Image of forthcoming 'Venice' Android-based BlackBerry slider phone leaks out

Evan came out last night to post an image of what looks to be a BlackBerry Passport running Android, and many were confused thinking it was the rumored slider phone coming to AT&T. 238 more words


#TheDarkening: #Reddit Loses Moderator, Its Shit, Leaks Private Mod Chat

When Internet’s Front Page, 32nd most popular website in the world, ¬†and Conde Nast property Reddit is in an upheaval over moderators moderating (shutting down fat-shaming subreddits, for instance, although leaving r/coontown untouched), only one thing will distract it: 1,440 more words


Zeroing in on leaks

Recently I have been working on DX-tools specifically striving to make run-by-dir a reality. A part of that is to reduce the number of oranges in try. 866 more words


New details on the iPhone 6S from Foxconn

It should be said, for the record, that Apple’s iPhone cameras are ranked within my top 10 favorite smartphone camera. However, it is not the best. 238 more words


Long rumored HTC Aero will feature "high-performance new camera"

For all the thing smartphones can do today, the most important thing, at least the one that a lot of people care about, is the camera. 172 more words


The next generation iPhone will double LTE download

As we are moving deep into summer, we are also moving closer to the launch date of the next iPhone, presumably the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. 147 more words