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The Problem With Leaks

Every single administration that enters the White House seems to have had a problem with “leaks”…someone somewhere that decides they want the press to know what’s going on, so they tell stuff they shouldn’t. 506 more words

a small hand

all text (including title) taken from page 37 of Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane.

Muslim Sympathizers Behind CIA Leaks Against Trump

[Katherine Frisk Note:  During WW2 the Nazis were supported by the Vatican and it was the Vatican that organized the rat lines for top SS Nazis to escape to South America and to the USA where along with Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles they started the CIA. 645 more words


BOMBSHELL - White House Spy Caught

Earlier today, a site called GotNews broke a story that the White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Katie Walsh, who works directly for Rense Priebus, has been the source of several leaks to The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other MSM outlets.  237 more words


Former C.I.A. Director Leon Panetta: "President Must Build 'Loyalty' With Intel Community"

“Obviously, it’s not a good situation. Because there is a lack of trust between the president and the intelligence community, and between the intelligence community and the president.

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Microsoft just confirmed the existence of the Surface Pro 5

Surface. A line of laptop/tablet hybrids that are really amazing(I’d like one to keep running SIGMΛ Fi lul.) And let me just say this right now, people have been waiting since forever for a brand new updated surface pro tablet. 206 more words


Michael Flynn, Intelligence Leaks, and Ethical Questions

When Michael Flynn tendered his resignation as National Security Advisor last week after only 24 days on the job, it marked the predictable outcome of what had become deepening concerns over some dishonest statements he made to the vice-president about the nature of a December conversation he had with the Russian ambassador to the United States and the potential his conversation created for his blackmail by Russian authorities.  542 more words