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Lean Canvas - One Page Business Plan for Every Startup

A Business Plan is one of the most important documents for entrepreneurs. It is their road map which guides their business towards their goal. It talks about the action plan, the acquisition strategy, revenue strategy, growth strategy and so on. 1,534 more words

Lean Startup

Building products that customers love

Last week we dug deeper into the topics of entrepreneurship and startups. Your comments on my question “What is a startup?” are the beginning of the debate so keep them coming as we go, please. 160 more words


A critical look of the Business Model Canvas

From the Value-Proposition Cavas to the Lean-Canvas back to the Business Model Canvas: Nothing has blurred the discussion on what a business model is more than the introduction of the canvas-based frameworks.  885 more words


Business Plan - Lean Canvas

This is the first post in the “Plan Your Ideas” series.

For me, any idea needs a plan, a good plan has its merits and benefits. 200 more words


Eliminando obstaculos

Hace unos días tuve un episodio lo mas parecido al clásico “Light Bulb problem” de malcom in the middle:

Mi mujer me pidió que cambie el foco (bombilla) del pasillo que se había quemado, voy a buscar la escalera y tenia un peldaño roto, por lo que voy a buscar al gabinete de las herramientas, clavos y martillos y noto que el gabinete tiene la puerta rota, por lo que decido ir a comprar una bisagra a la ferretería, voy en busca del auto y el auto parece no arrancar, cuando llega mi mujer me ve arreglando el auto, se queja de que no cambie la bombilla del pasillo. 292 more words


Customers Don't Know What They Want, But You Don't Know What They Want Either

This is part of my ongoing series on Lean, Lean Startup, Agile, Innovation, and Disruption.

This topic always gets a lot of press and it is truly covered in just about any business book these days. 496 more words