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Eliminando obstaculos

Hace unos días tuve un episodio lo mas parecido al clásico “Light Bulb problem” de malcom in the middle:

Mi mujer me pidió que cambie el foco (bombilla) del pasillo que se había quemado, voy a buscar la escalera y tenia un peldaño roto, por lo que voy a buscar al gabinete de las herramientas, clavos y martillos y noto que el gabinete tiene la puerta rota, por lo que decido ir a comprar una bisagra a la ferretería, voy en busca del auto y el auto parece no arrancar, cuando llega mi mujer me ve arreglando el auto, se queja de que no cambie la bombilla del pasillo. 292 more words


Customers Don't Know What They Want, But You Don't Know What They Want Either

This is part of my ongoing series on Lean, Lean Startup, Agile, Innovation, and Disruption.

This topic always gets a lot of press and it is truly covered in just about any business book these days. 496 more words


Lean canvas, Lean Development, the Theory of Disruption

In yesterday’s article I talked about how you can use a product development approach called Set Based Concurrent Design (SBCD) to avoid some of the risks associated with developing a disruptive design regardless of how integrated or modular a given technology and its platforms are. 444 more words


Disruption and Lean Startup - improving the Lean Canvas

One of the more interesting tools I’ve discovered lately was the Business Model Canvas. This was created by Alex Osterwald with a huge group of people. 966 more words


LEAN Canvas (2.7) for the University Prosperity League

I’ve written several times about the LEAN Canvas, here’s a draft for my start-up:


In preparation for meeting with another entrepreneur to talk about our separate start-up ideas, I decided to practice what I preach and develop a LEAN Canvas that covers the first three boxes. 180 more words

Customer Development Process

Business model canvas, lean canvas, empathy map (videos, presentation, links)

Capture Your Business Model in 20 Minutes – Lean Canvas – Ash Maurya

Présentation du Business Model Canvas par Peter Keates – Elton-Pickford

Business Model Canvas vs Lean Canvas vs One-Page Lean Startup… 65 more words


Discovering Your Market

As mentioned in my previous posts, the legal industry is at the start of a “Great Restart”. Law has been practiced the same way for hundreds of years. 296 more words

Market Discovery UofT SCS