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What is TPM and how to successfully implement it.

TPM stands for Total Productive Maintenance and is mainly implemented within the manufacturing industry. It is a system that maintains and reduces the chance of failure of machinery, thus, improving machine productivity, reducing waste in the process and final product scrap. 411 more words


The Final Frontier

On May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard became the first US astronaut to journey to the “final frontier.”  Atop a Mercury rocket, Shepard launched into a fifteen-minute suborbital journey reaching an altitude of about one hundred miles before returning to earth.  512 more words

Systems Tinking

At GBMP’s launch of the Shingo Institute’s BUILD EXCELLENCE workshop, it occurred to me that perhaps systems thinking might be more aptly named systems re… 725 more words

Lean Leaders - Which Superhero are You?

This Blog contribution is from Michael Muilenburg. He is the Operational Technology Manager and Strategic Planner for the Film Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations Division of 3M Company. 549 more words

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