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Lean Culture? It's All About the Leaders! - Part 1

The following is an out take from an ebook being published later this year by the Manufacturers Alliance (Join Us!) . This book is being compiled from real experiences from some of our best Lean Leaders and instructors in our association. 370 more words

Get some #worklifebalance by asking why.

If someone asked you to tell a real-life story about Lean process improvement, could you? We know it’s about respecting people, making improvements, and… 45 more words

Lean In The Rest Of The World

Getting New Buses on the Road

How do you reduce the length of time a process takes from 67 days to 30 days? That was the question posed to a team of Vehicle Maintenance employees at a five-day Lean event focused on the process of bringing a new bus into service. 353 more words

Lean At Work In King County

Another Use for Duct Tape

Here’s a post inspired by the glut of recent football weekends. Lou Holtz, the legendary college and pro football coach offers the following advice to coaches everywhere: 535 more words

Old Lean Dude

And This Makes Sense?

When managers and supervisors go on process walks, the trust they have established (or failed to establish) among employees is crucial. T.J. Cosgrove, Community Health Services Division Director, and Sarah Hopkins, Acting Regional Health Administrator, have worked hard to establish trust among the staff they work with at the many County health clinics they supervise. 264 more words

Lean At Work In King County

Daily Kaizen vs. the Suggestion Box

How is Daily Kaizen different from a suggestion box? Mark Graban shares this breakdown originally from Ryan Confer:

Lean In The Rest Of The World

Measuring Customer Service in Real Time

In most lines of business, customers want your service. That might not always be the case for folks who come to the King County Treasurer’s office to pay their taxes because—are you sitting down? 305 more words

Lean At Work In King County