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Putting The Pieces Together

Summer’s here, and that means a family vacation to the beach, the boardwalk and the Hamilton’s favorite Pizza place.   We all agree that Manco’s pizza is the best anywhere, but we differ on the reason why. 612 more words

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Executive Constantine Commends Employee Problem Solving

King County Metro Transit provides 400,000 trips each day to destinations around the county, so making sure that Metro’s fleet of more than 200 buses and trolleys are out on the roads every day serving customers is imperative. 304 more words

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Up, Back and Around

Watching the US Women’s Team take the World Cup last week caused me to reminisce about my short-term coaching stint of a U12 soccer team. Before becoming a coach, I hadn’t played soccer or even watched a game, but there were not enough coaches in our town league so I volunteered.   537 more words

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Embracing The Lean Startup Culture

If you have been following entrepreneurship, starting a new business, or developing new products recently, you may have come across the term Lean Startup. Lean startup is transforming the Entrepreneur Space, and revolutionizing how businesses were built in the past five decades. 843 more words


Lean Leads to Engagement and Better Working Relationships

Over at the Conflict Clinic blog, King County’s Doug Nathan has a pitch-perfect post about how Lean (and good Lean leadership) can bolster working relationships and create engaged workplaces with “ 78 more words

Lean At Work In King County

Trust, Leadership, and Working Together

Last week’s Ted Radio Hour podcast on “Trust and Consquences” has oodles of insights and learning for Lean-minded listeners—and the episode isn’t about Lean at all. 106 more words

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"We will be successful if we stick to basic Lean principles..."

“We will be successful if we stick to basic Lean principles rather than on what the ‘right tool of the day’ is. Go with a good solution; don’t wait for the perfect solution.” Those have been Jay McNally’s guiding insights since he joined King County’s Continuous Improvement Team as one of the two original senseis on the team. 86 more words

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