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The Lean Physique And Why It's Dangerous

I’ve noticed something lately.  I’ve noticed a lot of commenters either applauding authors for having awesomely lean physiques and wondering how they too can get to 12% body fat. 1,296 more words


Fat Loss with Sermorelin GHRP2

Boston Testosterone Partners – With perfectly balanced hormones come tremendous health, energy, vitality and the physique you’ve always wanted!  In addition to all our patients, our Clinic Director, Charlie Blaisdell, at 42 years young, is proof of the amazing benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Sermorelin GHRP2 adjunct protocols. 108 more words

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Don't aim for thin... get LEAN!

Following the theme from my previous post, I’ve decided to declare today as the beginning of my attempt to take over the world by getting people to stop trying to be skinny. 686 more words


Lipid Metabolism - Methods in Reducing Fatty Tissue

Fat Burning Methods..  its been a topic of discussion with several clients lately.  New Years Resolutions (NYR)?  Family Reunions?  Regardless of your motive(s), reducing white adipose tissue is likely a relevant  topic  for most of us.   307 more words


Im afraid that kettlebells will wreck my back

Q: My friend told me KBs are bad for your back, Is this true?

A: No! Like any form of exercise there is a risk of injury, however, with proper instruction and technique KBs will strengthen your back and promote healthy spinal alignment.  12 more words