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Do agile organisations need a Test Manager?

I have had this discussion a few times in the last few years, the question whether or not agile organisations need Test Managers keeps coming up. 474 more words

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Lean Manufacturing Consultant How can help you?

Lean Manufacturing is that the processes, techniques, ways and initiatives being enforced by corporations round the world that aim to reduce spare and unproductive tasks, activities and behaviours within the work setting. 736 more words

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The Resource Utilisation Paradox - On why less is more

Traditional management approaches have often put high resource utilisation levels at the top of managers agenda as a recipe for effective management, assuming that existing not fully utilised resources are waste. 753 more words

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Waste in Software Development

What is waste: Something that does not directly add value as perceived by customer

Category of Software Waste(Muda in Japanese)

  • Partially done work – Any Task which is half partially completed is a waste as it doesn’t add any value to customer…
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On empowerment and the 2 types of downtime

In a recent LinkedIn discussion, the topics of testing downtime and what should testers do during it was examined. I read and reread the answers a few times and I became convinced that I have a completely different view of what downtime is and how it should be utilised. 669 more words

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Next Generation Software Engineering

I am excited!

When somebody like Mary Poppendieck during a keynote at the Lean Kanban Central Europe 2014 presents a slide named “Next Generation Software Engineering” and you realise that your teams cover each and every point, it is a great feeling. 76 more words

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Continuous improvement is an infinite loop

This morning, at home with the flu, I thought about visualizing a continuous improvement process (that’s what crazy people do when they are sick). So I took markers and paper and I started to draw. 121 more words

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