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Lean Software Development - 7 Wastes of Software Development

What is Waste?

Any activity that absorbs resources but does not add any value, as perceived by the customer, is waste.

Lean Software Development is inspired by Lean Manufacturing and Toyota Production Systems which defined the 7 wastes of manufacturing. 737 more words


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Stop building a Shitload of products, you are killing your company

I took my first steps in technology over 20 years ago. If we exclude the year off I took in 2006 I have always been employed in many different companies and I can say with certainty that I worked on a “shitload of products” and I use that specific term with purpose, read on to find out. 473 more words

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Build Quality In

A couple of months ago the good guys at LeanKit asked me to explain how we managed to get to Continuous Delivery in PaddyPower while I was working there. 27 more words

Lean Software Development

How Team X got to the root of the problem by asking why

Previously on A Knowledge Worker’s Tale: A large bottleneck appeared in the exploratory test column of team X’s kanban board, but only Rick and Jane, the testers, seemed to give a damn about it working hard to unblock it. 1,015 more words

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