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What I like about Jeff Gothelf's lean UX approach

Product development has been my focus (more like obsession) for the last few years. I have read all the books and experimented with many of the approaches from lean canvas to impact mapping to the 100 different ways of framing an MVP. 250 more words

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What I learned about helping teams use WIP limits

The Work In Progress limit (WIP limit from now on) is one of the most powerful but counter-intuitive concepts I had the fortune to encounter in my work life. 590 more words

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#WhyScope - Looking for better measures of success

I’m sick of it. Sick of hearing the scope of this, the scope of that, it’s in scope, it’s out of scope, scope creep, full scope, MVP scope, we need more developers to get the full scope in time, we need more time to get the full scope with these resources. 245 more words

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#NoEstimates episode 2 - THE ANSWERS

A normal person would expect that sharing free content doesn’t create controversy. Well this normal person is wrong. A couple of weeks back I shared a… 632 more words

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#NoEstimates a simple experience report

I’ve been practicing #NoEstimates with my teams for the last 2-3 years if you want to know how it worked for us, read below.

First of all an answer to all the people that in these years have been telling me… 443 more words

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Origins of Lean Software Development

The intention of this post is to briefly touch upon the development up to the Lean Software Development movement starting from the very origins in Toyoda. 1,068 more words


Using a Python script to generate Cumulative Flow Diagrams

Cumulative Flow Diagram is a graphical tool used extensively in Lean and Agile projects. It is used to track project progress, visualize work in progress (WIP) and obtain understanding of issues with the project including bottlenecks & scope changes. 575 more words