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Testers: what's your strategy in a continuous delivery context?

In my last stint as a tester from October 2012 to Jan 2014, I helped my organisation at that time moving from delivering once every month, to delivering multiple times a day. 415 more words

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What you are measuring is wrong, let me tell you why

There is one measurement that is commonly accepted when examining the effectiveness of delivery teams. Lead Time.

This is a definition from Wikipiedia.

A lead time is the latency between the initiation and execution of a process.

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3 Simple Steps to Help Overloaded Teams

It was a wet and dark morning in Dublin when I sat with team X for the first time.

I had been told: “Gus, these guys are struggling, they really need your help. 844 more words

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Breaking the waves

We were in painful position with a lot of reported bugs and lot of unhappiness among, well among everybody. I was reading the book Implementing Lean Software Development (Poppendieck & Poppendieck, 2006) and got a lot of ideas and inspiration to implement a better way of working. 723 more words

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This is how I measure the quality of my work

I have blogged in the past about product development and measures of success, it is a topic that interests me a lot.

I am an individual that sells services to organisations that develop products.  207 more words

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Why are we sprinting?

A few weeks back I asked this question on a very popular Agile and Lean LinkedIn Group:

10 years ago not many companies delivered value every month and Scrum really helped the industry with the concept of sprint.

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