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#NoEstimates a simple experience report

I’ve been practicing #NoEstimates with my teams for the last 2-3 years if you want to know how it worked for us, read below.

First of all an answer to all the people that in these years have been telling me… 443 more words

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Origins of Lean Software Development

The intention of this post is to briefly touch upon the development up to the Lean Software Development movement starting from the very origins in Toyoda. 1,068 more words


Using a Python script to generate Cumulative Flow Diagrams

Cumulative Flow Diagram is a graphical tool used extensively in Lean and Agile projects. It is used to track project progress, visualize work in progress (WIP) and obtain understanding of issues with the project including bottlenecks & scope changes. 575 more words


The simplest, most helpful advice for creating your first game ever: Build, test and learn

I’ve been working on a minigame for testing one’s touch-typing skills as part of a larger training software. When I’m not working on that, I am mostly researching on how to approach game development from a practical indie developer point-of-view, during which I come across blogs, articles, Quora topics and Youtube videos about game development. 706 more words


Universal Data Vault: Hyper-Generalized Data Vault -- Review of John Giles' Case Study

I recently came across an interesting data-modeling case study.  John Giles, who wrote it, is also the author of the insightful and — for us data geeks — entertaining book, ‘The Nimble Elephant’.  919 more words

Lean Thinking

Mary and Tom Poppendieck on the Seven Principles of Lean Software Development

“Requires a change in culture that some companies can’t achieve, those that have achieved massive performance improvements”

A summary of the principles from the Poppendieck’s momentus book… 301 more words


Little Tim and the messy house

A cute little boy, Tim, lives in a messy house.

In the morning Tim’s mum, Tina, spends an hour looking for rubbish in the house, when she finds some, she writes a note on a piece of paper where she describes the steps that she followed when she found it, and sticks the note in one of 5 different drawers. 639 more words

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