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5 Top Fitness Trends That Will Give You a Head Start for 2017

Though new year has already passed, you are never late!

You’ll love these healthy ways to kick off the new year. Welcoming another year means many things: thoughtful resolutions, reflecting on last year’s milestones, a fresh start, or another 365 days to commit to your health. 407 more words

4. Problem definition

The problem is what drives our work, it’s what tells us what needs to be able to be solved by what we are building. It closely relates to use case goals and requirements, but also to the more coarse-grained OKR’s. 510 more words

Book Notes

DOZZZE Drank Double Cup Hats

Drank Double Cup Hats by DOZZZE. We got it all the way stocked up with these exclusive hats that so far have only been available on our online store. 29 more words

What coding taught me about modern business leadership

There are good and bad coders. There are good and bad business leaders. The talent that separates good from bad is their discipline.

Discipline needs to be applied to the tactical and the strategic. 689 more words


So How is Your Production Speed?

Is it growing? Does it take less time to produce? Yes/No? Do you know why? Sure you do!

That’s great if you do know but let me explain my point of view. 359 more words


Why the Bodycoach 90 day sss plan?

‘Don’t blame the world for your problem, Its your problem, so you are the only solution’

This quote is one of my all time personal favourites, its actually stolen from the great girlie film “Bridesmaids,” but shhh i’m going to claim it for now . 459 more words

The Way of TPS.

Making stream of production

Recently I have got the questions about the method of the introduction and stability of TPS from my Spanish friend. On the other hand I have seen many failure cases of the introduction. 5,623 more words