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Lean Startup Principles in Custom Application Development

Modern SDLC:

Agile philosophy represents the embrace of the near-chaos of the tech industry.  Scrum provides an empirical process control framework to keep good practices and outgrow bad practices.   768 more words


The Quick Beginner’s Guide to 5S – Shitsuke

Shitsuke is the fifth and last of the 5S list. Usually transliterated into “discipline” or “sustain” while my tiny japanese dictionary (souvenir from my time there) says “education”. 268 more words


Book review and summary: Kanban for skeptics

Kanban for skeptics” is a book describing the purpose of Kanban and withdrawing any arguments against or any misconceptions. In general, folks regularly have misunderstandings regarding concepts, frameworks, and methodologies… in that perspective I like the intention of the book. 750 more words


Bacon Guacamole Stuffed Burger

My uncle Kevin is one of those “manly men”. This goes for every aspect of his life, including what he chooses to eat on a daily basis.   1,279 more words

Low Sugar

The Future of the Toyota Production System

“What Akio Toyoda feared the company lost when it was growing so fast was the time to struggle and learn,” said Liker, who met with Toyoda in November.

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What is the relationship between Systems Thinking, Lean and Agile?

I was recently approached about the relationship between Systems Thinking, Lean And Agile.  Without going into too much depth and using too much terminology I have tried to summarise it in the following diagram. 249 more words

Lean And Agile