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Not lean yet? Illness, disease, cancer & it's cause (Liver Flush VLOG) - YouTube

Reason people can't get lean. Why people get cancer & cause of disease, high blood pressure, common fever. My story of prepping for my twelfth liver flush an…

Lean Society

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

This quote from George Orwell’s political allegory, Animal Farm, occurred to me recently as I listened to a design engineer explain to me how he was taught in college that engineers have a special responsibility to help their less able co-workers.  

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Old Lean Dude

Top 10 Habits - #8

Today’s Habit is #8 – develop and use a sleep ritual.

😴💤 Sleep is an important piece of the puzzle 💤😴

As kids, we fight and scream to not have to go to bed. 371 more words


Getting Rid of Batches: Another Possibility from 3D Printing

In Lean Flow the as-needed delivery of value (as opposed to working in batch mode and putting things in inventory or making people wait) is a central principle. 318 more words

Performance Improvement


Just like our ‘client’ coaching program, our ‘coach’ coaching program is made up of lessons and habits that we learn and practice.

This last habit has not been an area of strength for me and one of the more challenging habits to keep consistent. 533 more words


4th WOD Aftermath...

To be honest with you… I woke up in the morning and was very close to skip today’s WOD. When I got out of Monday’s WOD, my legs have been sore… it got worse yesterday and was equally bad when I woke up today. 336 more words