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Maddie interviews Indie band 'Blonder'

Blonder is the Brooklyn-based band getting everyone’s attention! Already being noticed by Nylon and Spotify, with only two singles out so far they’ve got a catchy tune that’s calming at the same time. 801 more words

Before and After

Circumstances happen in life that cause us to lose discipline or have more of the foods we wouldn’t normally have and even workout less.
Especially when indoors – maybe looking for a new job, pregnant, just had a baby or work from home a lot. 232 more words

Fat Loss

Healthy Ice cream - Many ways!

So healthy eating is all well and good on a 9-5 basis, but if you’re anything like me, night time equals treat time!  Sometimes you need something salty, sometimes you need something carby- any other times you need something… 252 more words


Agile Brisbane - Agile Coaching Nightmares: Lessons We Can Learn From Gordon Ramsay

My presentation from the Agile Brisbane meetup called “Agile Coaching Nightmares: Lessons We Can Learn From Gordon Ramsay” is available on Slideshare.

When you look for inspiration in the Agile Coaching community, the name Gordon Ramsay is probably not the first name to come to mind.

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The Proper (Japanese) Way: PART II

The Proper (Japanese) Way” is the manner by which this or that action is to be effectively carried out in Japanese social contexts.  The prescribed method is most often an aesthetic etiquette that sometimes has practical applications in that it can facilitate the action being accomplished efficiently well or “lean” as they say in business environments. 571 more words


MATTHEW 10:20 ON 10/20

 For it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.  – Matthew 10:20

Sometimes it’s a good idea to back up and read what is before. 

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