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You're going to need to know this...

Very soon I will be sharing a series of posts with some helpful stuff about how to get more of the right things done, in less time, at work and home. 22 more words


Windows goes on a diet with yet another variant: Windows 10 Lean

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Just as Microsoft gets rid of one Windows SKU, it seems to have created another one to take its place. The short-lived Windows 10 S version… 232 more words


Microsoft working on Windows 10 Lean edition for devices with less storage

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Microsoft’s next version of Window 10, currently codenamed Redstone 5, will include a new “Lean edition” designed for devices with less storage space. 259 more words



El pasado martes 17 de abril, acudimos a la jornada organizada por Grupo Vía Barcelona  “Certificaciones de la Arquitectura sostenible: Cradle to Cradle© y Certificación WELL”, en la que se analizaron estos nuevos paradigmas hacia los que tiende el sector para generar edificios sostenibles y reutilizables basados en los principios de la economía circular y que busquen el confort y la salud de sus usuarios; así como la metodología LEAN, los sistemas de construcción industrializada, los materiales saludables, espacios de wellbeing y el eco-diseño. 1,501 more words


3 Signs You Are A Disengaged Leader

As a front-line leader, I was always curious and striving to continuously improve; however, my good intentions were not always effective. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day fire fighting and help the team overcome the disruption, but such actions are just another form of band-aiding. 544 more words

The best place for a meeting... is on the roof!

So where is the most effective place to have a meeting?

At the process, point of discussion, or the place that is most effective at visualizing your point of view, problem, or solution. 575 more words


Busy Bee Paradox Krakow Meetup

Don’t we all think that we get more done if we stay busy? We feel good and efficient. We may even get a pat on the back or even a promotion. 27 more words